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9 pieces of advice from the women of Mott MacDonald

9 pieces of advice from the women of Mott MacDonald

Posted on Sep 3, 2019

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Following a career break, Maha and Sunisha joined Endorsed Employer for Women, Mott MacDonald, through their Re:Connectors programme. We recently sat down with them and asked:

What nine pieces of advice would you offer your younger self and young women today?

  1. In a new role, expect to spend time proving your worth, subject knowledge or even just reliability. You might have done better projects or managed bigger teams, but every new role is a new beginning so factor that in and manage your expectations accordingly.

  2. Be ready to leave your comfort zone behind and try something new. Take a risk. Overcoming challenges is how you build self-confidence and strike out along a new path.

  3. Focus on your ‘must have’, don’t get distracted by the ‘nice to have’. Take time to understand what will help and motivate you to do your best daily, (for example flexible timings or leading projects) but stay focused on what that is and secure that first, do not get distracted by peer comparisons.

  4. When faced with a work or project challenge, identify solutions that you can present alongside the challenge. It is natural to come across challenges but what will set you apart is the quality of solutions you offer.

  5. Do not be passive or shy about asking for help or advice on new projects or subjects. Make sure you identify the right person to approach and always think about how your request fits in with their priorities or needs.

  6. Believe in yourself. Don’t pay any attention to that nagging internal voice that says you can’t do something. You can! The biggest obstacle to overcome is self-doubt. Banish it.

  7. Go after what you want. Throw everything into securing it. Give 100%. Even if you fail, at least you would have tried, and you will have no regrets.

  8. Build bridges with your colleagues. Don’t wait for them to initiate it. This will help you create the support network you need to do your job well.

  9. Don’t be afraid to ask your employer to be flexible to accommodate your needs if necessary. They will not guess what you require, you must always talk.

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