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Why WORK180?

That's easy.
Candidates who apply for a job via WORK180 get to see the employer’s workplace policies before clicking send.
And businesses that advertise can connect with the very best candidates from a highly skilled talent pool.
You would think this would be standard for every jobs board, but it's not.

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Lessons learned when onboarding remote team members

May 22, 2020

As part of our ‘Remote Work’ series of blogs, I thought it would be valuable to share what the onboarding and induction process looks like in an entirely remote environment like WORK180.

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Talking menopause in the workplace

May 20, 2020

With momentum building in the UK for greater workplace support for women experiencing menopause symptoms, Natalie Leister shares how Southeastern is leading the way, bringing the often unspoken impact of the menopause out into the open.

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Challenging perceptions as a woman freight train driver

May 19, 2020

Despite being the only woman freight train driver in Scotland, Heather believes there’s no reason for women to be intimidated by the job.

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