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Gender Diversity In Tech

WTH is a genuinely inclusive community where members inspire, celebrate and empower each other. Thanks to WTH now I am more confident about my own voice and skills in the Tech industry. - Triana Hamilton, Web designer & developer

Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol grew from our shared love of working in tech, alongside our awareness of the lack of diversity. Our mission is to support the development of a tech industry that is inclusive of all; that reflects the wider society that it exists to serve.

We aim to support and encourage women and gender non-conforming folks working in tech to develop new pathways into working in our industry.

We encourage companies to think about their current practices, especially in terms of their recruitment processes and workplace culture.

We offer practical solutions and share useful information for individuals and businesses in our network.

We work with women and gender non-conforming folks to develop their confidence and skill sets and with companies to create inclusive workplace cultures that welcome currently underrepresented groups.

Having moved abroad to Bristol, I am happy to found a network of women who support each other’s goals. WTH is a safe place where we share ideas, talk about challenges and innovation in tech, and learn from each other. - Genesis Self-Fordham, Web Developer


Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol offers consultancy services to support companies who recognise the benefits of creating inclusive workplaces and diverse teams but don’t always know where to start. The WTH consultants have a wealth of experience of working in different aspects of the tech industry and understand ways to effect positive and sustainable change through conversation and collaboration.


Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol programmes have been developed in response to the needs of the women and gender non-conforming folks in our networks to re:connect them into work. We offer skills development with our re:train as well as re:boot, a ‘returnship’ program of short internships aimed at encouraging companies to create pathways back into tech.


Is your conference looking like just the same old faces are turning up? Do you need support to appeal to a wider audience? Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol can work with you to rewrite your calls for speakers, calls for papers and calls for participants.


Women’s Tech Hub ~ Bristol recognises the importance of peer support for everyone, but especially its role in encouraging members of under-represented groups in tech who need spaces to network, learn, relax and enjoy feeling part of a supportive group. We believe that meetups are an essential element of peer support, and can be a useful springboard to build confidence to join other professional networks.

WTH means a lot to me, probably I wouldn’t have done most of the things I’ve done within the technology industry if I wouldn’t have met them. All the help, support and guidance you get there, it’s priceless. And above all wonderful people. - Nat Bueno, Junior Web Developer

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