Industry association

Women Driven Development

Our mission

To achieve equal representation within tech professionals, we must provide more opportunities for all gender minorities and leaders in tech to connect, to work together and discover talent first-hand.

WDD brings gender minorities and leaders in tech together, to share knowledge, experiences and to create real connections, promoting sponsorship through hackathons, practical sessions and events.

We run hackathons, where 75-85% of attendees are women, trans women and non-binary people.

Where the focus is on the quality of the code, the people and the journey.

WDD provides leaders in tech an organic way to work with and connect with gender minorities in tech, with the potential to build sponsor/sponsee relationships.

Senior developers, data analysts, designers, managers and leaders in tech join teams, to support and mentor. This provides a unique opportunity for women to work with some of the best developers and leaders in the industry.

360 feedback gives all attendees invaluable insights. This promotes dialogues, improves working relationships and encourages personal development and performance.

It is not only a space to discover talent, but also a rare opportunity to work on projects driven by women. With pair programming and agile environment, we get to work and connect with amazing talent and potential colleagues. Twitter