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If you want more women in science, technology, engineering, manufacturing, construction – from the classroom to the boardroom and at all stages in between – WISE is here to help.

Whether you are a business, employer, research institution, professional body, education or training provide wanting to join like-minded people with the energy and commitment to bring about positive change – you have come to the right place.

Our long term vision

  • For gender balance in STEM, from the classroom to the boardroom.
  • Our short-term goal
  • One million women working in core STEM occupations by 2020.

Our purpose

  • To enable and energise people who increase the participation, contribution and success of women in the UK’s scientific, technology and engineering (STEM) workforce.

Our Vision

It is as easy and natural for a girl or a woman in the UK to choose and do well in physics, maths, computing, engineering or construction as it is for a boy or a man – wherever she lives and whatever her family background so that:

  • Women make up a third (or more) of the UK’s science, technology and engineering workforce.
  • An open, inclusive culture, transformed by a critical mass of women, draws in bright men and women from all backgrounds.
  • A bigger and more diverse talent pool drives UK productivity, innovation and competitiveness.

Core principles

✓ Deliver value to our members ✓ Evidence-based solutions ✓ Practical ✓ Positive ✓ Professional ✓ Innovative ✓ Collaborative ✓ Inclusive ✓ Strategic ✓ Continuous improvement

Our focus

  • B2B
  • UK
  • CORE STEM - physical sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics and related sectors where women are in a minority in the classroom as well as the boardroom.

PRIORITIES 2018 – 2020

  • Get more women into computing and technology
  • Enable our members to recruit women who want to return to work or a new career
  • Recruitment
  • Share practical solutions to improve retention & progression of women in STEM

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