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UN Women

UN Women is the global organisation dedicated to gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls. Founded in 2010, UN Women is the newest UN agency, and works to create change at every level: from policy and legislation to delivering grassroots programmes on-the-ground.
In the UK, we work with partners to create change in their organisation, sector and wider community, galvanising the gender equality movement across a range of issues from women's economic empowerment to ending violence against women and girls. In particular, we focus on 3 priority areas:
HeForShe Campaign. Launched by Emma Watson in 2015, HeForShe is a solidarity movement that aims to ensure men, and all genders, are part of the conversation - and the solution - for gender equality. We work with organisations to drive change, such as PWC, that increased women's representation on its Global Leadership Team in just 15 months.
#Drawaline to End Violence Against Women. Having reached 80 million people in social media, this campaign aims to put an end to harassment of women and girls. We work with organisations to create data-drive research that fuels policy change, and individuals to create bottom up behavioural change. Everyone has a role to play in changing the way the world works for women.
Harnessing Technology for Gender Equality. Tech is transforming our lives from the way we do business to the way we communicate. Every sector from hospitality to healthcare is improving our lives, generally for the better. We are working hard with our partners to ensure tech is gender inclusive, and meets the needs of all women and girls. As we head towards the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets in 2030, we must now consider how tech can accelerate us towards a more gender equal world. Our tools, trainings, events and action plans are the first step to ensuring innovation is gender-responsive. 
We are always looking for new organisational partners committed to gender equality to join our growing network. For more information on these campaigns, and how you can get involved with our work, please get in touch at
Together we stand united for every woman.