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Hello, we’re Talented Ladies Club – the world’s #1 online resource for mothers who are passionate about their career or business.

Our story

Talented Ladies Club was launched in April 2013 by two friends – Hannah Martin and Kary Fisher. They met when they were pregnant with their daughters, and felt compelled to create the site after watching their friends struggle to resume the careers they loved after having children.

Hannah and Kary wanted to create an inspiring resource that would show women that becoming a mother wasn’t the end of their career – it could be the start of an exciting new adventure.

In short, they wanted to help mums #ExpectGreatThings.


So they conceived, planned, designed, wrote and built the initial site in just four (mostly sleepless) months. Since then it’s grown it to over 78,000 readers a month around the world. Talented Ladies Club has also appeared on TV, radio and in national newspapers and magazines.

There have been a few changes along the way. Kary has now become the site’s creative director, and Karen Skagerlind is our ever-stylish fashion editor. We also have hundreds of brilliant contributors, and over 60,000 social media followers. And we’re continuing to grow fast.

We stand for things

As our site has grown, it’s become increasingly important to us that we use our influence for good. And that means standing up for the things we believe in.

Like fairness, equality, helping people who have fewer opportunities, and stopping predatory people and businesses who seek to make money from women (and men) at any cost. That’s why we call out the six-figure business cons, and do our best to expose the MLM business model for what it is.

We want this to be a safe space where you can learn and connect to opportunities in full confidence that they have your best interests at heart.

Join us

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We also have a free Facebook group for business – the TLC Business Club. Please do some and join us there. (One member described it as: “A warm and friendly space full of fabulous female entrepreneurs supporting each other through the ups and downs of business life.”)

We love sharing our readers’ stories too, so please email us yours (find out what to do here). You never know, you may help inspire another mum to follow her dreams.

Train with us

As well as over 1,700 live online articles, we have a growing library of brilliant online training courses. Whether you want to learn how to come up with a business idea, write your LinkedIn profile, become a Twitter expert or get mentorship and guidance through your first year in business, we’re here to help.

All our courses are online, and come with friendly live support from us.

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