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Runneth London

Runneth empowers women at key transition points in their working lives - whether that may be taking on a new leadership role, returning to work after a career break, changing jobs or careers, or starting their own businesses.

Runneth offers expert career and business advice and coaching. They provide a safe-haven to ask advice and get support from fellow working women, and also have a bit of fun along the way with style and fashion.

At Runneth, we are serious about helping women fulfil their potential.

Runneth helps women to discover/rediscover their work mojo and to find their own personal balance in the cycle of work/life/family when they are ready for their next work adventure.

It is not only about getting a job or securing your next promotion – although they regularly help people with both of those things – it is about creating the working life you want for the next 10/20/30/40+ years!

Kath Sloggett is CEO of Runneth. She and her team work with both private and corporate clients, helping corporates to retain and attract talented women.

Kath uses her breadth of experience provide insightful, practical, research-based guidance to her clients. Kath is also an engaging speaker and regularly runs career workshops and corporate seminars across London.

Kath is an Alumni of London Business School, a Chartered Accountant, and a member of both the Institute of Directors and the Career Development Institute. She is also a working mother of two (mostly) delightful young children.


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