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Pragmatica Coaching

Don't leave it too late to nurture your mind, body and soul.

  • Rosemarie Wilson, Founder

Practical Steps to achieve more of what you want

Pragmatica Coaching works with women who are feeling challenged with 'Imposter Syndrome' and self-doubt and who want to create a sense of wellbeing for both mind and physical health.

Pragmatica Coaching will support you to:

  • Create new perspectives and resources that are more helpful
  • Develop a plan for yourself to lessen the areas you struggle
  • Create options to take action, for more balance in your life
  • Identify clearly what you want to change
  • Create your own plan with action steps
  • Take ownership of what you want by being your accountability partner
  • Elevate your confidence levels
  • Set clear boundaries for yourself and others
  • Recognise your strengths and how you can better utilise them
  • Identify goals for your health
  • Create a plan to improve your wellbeing
  • Focus and commit to looking after yourself better

I decided to get in touch with Rosemarie as work is tough and I was struggling to manage that and seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Rosemarie taught me little techniques and steps to take to help me with work but also what I want to do in my career. So I am excited to see what time will hold job wise. I can't thank you enough for your help and inspiration you have given me.

  • Pretti

Corporates - How can Coaching help in your Organisation?

  • Enhances leadership performance
  • Contributes to stability during periods of change
  • Increases employee motivation and productivity
  • Creates a working environment employees enjoy being a part of​​
  • Supports conflict resolution
  • Improves communication in the workplace
  • Supports goal setting
  • Supports employees understanding their contribution to the organisation's success

Advantages of engaging an External Coaching

  • Boundaries such as confidentiality are easier to establish and maintain
  • Dedicated purely to Coaching with no other potentially conflicting agenda
  • Will be experienced in effective communication and have proven ability in coaching
  • Coach will be better placed to have an objective approach, as an outsider
  • Likely to be able to train staff within the organisation to be able to Coach – cascade effect

Workshops and Events

Lunch & Learn

We’re all short on time. Lunch & Learn workshops are concise, value packed sessions to positively influence and energise your employees in an open group setting, they will be able to bring their learning back into the workplace and also into their personal lives.


  • ½ Day
  • Full Day
  • I offer tailored Group Workshops using Mindset Approaches and Emotional Intelligence as the basis. Both ½ and Full Day Workshops allow for deeper work, including exercises, case studies or worked examples. The longer workshops stimulate dynamic discussions and a better understanding and learning outcomes of the subject matter.

Workshop Examples:

  • You are Enough: Smart Ways to Develop your Self-Confidence
  • Goal Setting: Your Version of Success
  • Resilience and Success - Managing your Challenges
  • Nurturing your Mindset for Greater Resilience

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