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At Mentorloop, we believe that the right connection can change a life.

Mentorloop is a cloud-based mentoring software platform which enables organisations to match their people into effective mentorships at any scale - saving program coordinators time and improving people outcomes.

With custom program promotion, instant mentor-mentee sign-up, quick matching and self-matching, a communication portal, goal-setting features resource and content tracks, and program health analytics and reporting - Mentorloop makes mentoring management easy and effective for you and your organisation.

Attract great talent

60% of university and graduate students listed mentoring as a criterion for selecting an employer.

Develop your people

Employees who receive mentoring are promoted 5 times more often than those who do not.

Increase engagement & retention

Effective mentoring boosts retention rates 69% for mentors and 72% for mentees in a mentoring program.

Promote diversity & inclusion

Minorities who advance furthest share one characteristic: a strong network of mentors and corporate sponsors.

Develop your leaders

Managerial productivity increases by 88% with mentoring and training, versus 24% with training alone.

Improve your culture 71% of Fortune 500 companies run mentoring programs.

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“I felt I was working with a team that actually wanted our mentoring program to be successful. There was an amazing amount of transparency throughout the whole process. We feel like the Mentorloop team are now part of our team and we are sharing in the success of the program.”

  • Michelle Degenhardt | Flight Centre

“Mentorloop provides exceptional value for money, the tools to facilitate one-to-one mentoring while capturing data to quantify the value of the program and feedback on best practice.”

  • Ronnie Wood | IMNIS

Build a scalable and inclusive mentoring program to reach your diversity goals

Mentorloop enables you to build a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture by empowering underrepresented people and groups to develop skills, leadership, and confidence – through the power of effective mentoring. And the software does all of the hard work for you.

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