Professional service provider

Kenroi Consulting

Kenroi Consulting is a boutique consultancy offering bespoke diversity and inclusion business solutions.  We offer a wide range of diversity management solutions to assit your business to embed diversity and develop inclusive processes.

We Support You to Achieve Diversity and Inclusion

We are a team of specialist diversity consultancy professionals, based across the UK. We provide solutions to businesses of all types. We help to develop strong brands by focusing on Diversity and Inclusion, as a key component of business and people development strategies.

We operate across the UK and can work in a way that suits your business, on site or remotely. Whether your business is large or small, we can design and develop your diversity strategy for relevance in a rapidly changing environment, using proven diversity strategies and tools.

Developing Robust Diversity and Inclusion Solutions

We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and develop bespoke diversity strategies and solutions to help them progress with their development agendas and activities.

Our services include consultancy, training and development, operational support and custom built systems to assist with your training and technological requirements.

We can also arrange a service package to help with your outsourcing requirements, should you have a need for regular project support.

To increase and develop diversity and inclusion, is to increase the visibility of your brand.  We will support you achieve your strategic and people focused goals in this area.

Tailored Diversity Consulting

Our services are both knowledge based and operational.  We apply our expert knowledge in the area of Diversity and Inclusion to create effective business solutions, to help grow your business and deliver quality, measurable results.  We assist you with operational and implementation tasks and projects, ensuring that you embed diversity across your core business themes.

At Kenroi Consulting, we understand that diversity consulting is a process through which knowledge and skills are to clients, helping them build more inclusive businesses.

Our values mean that we work closely with clients, helping them become learning organisations.  We assist our clients to effect change within their business culture. 

We will:
  • Actively engage with your business teams to support them with diversity marketing and diversity inclusion initiatives.

  • ​Support your HR functions to embed diversity as they build and manage relationships across your business.

  • ​Work with your learning and development function as they develop leadership and managerial capability within your business.

  • Offer a wide range of development services to fit a wide range of businesses. 

 We work across 5 principle areas

Strategy - Policy - Marketing and Branding - Learning and Development - Projects Implementation