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Girls Out Loud

Girls Out Loud is a multi-award winning social enterprise with a charitable Foundation, managed by Forever Manchester. We are on a mission to raise the aspirations of teenage girls in the UK and beyond. We do this by creating and delivering early intervention programmes for girls from 2 hours to 12 months in duration. Our programmes focus on improving confidence, self-belief, resilience and visibility and girls completing our programmes are empowered, self-assured and ready to rock!

Over the past 8 years we have worked with over 38 schools in the North West and impacted the lives of over 6000 girls, but, school funding to support our much needed work is quickly disappearing and we now need engagement from the wider community to ensure investment in the next generation of female managers, leaders and business women is secured.

We know British teenagers mental wellbeing is amongst the worst in the world and UK’s Generation Z (15-21 year olds) are amongst the unhappiest in the world, but, the current status relating to girls is even more concerning….

  • 1 in 4 girls will self-harm before they leave secondary school

  • Girls as young as 5 are now worried about their weight. By age ten, 80% of girls will be on a diet to change their body shape and emulate the images they see in the media every day.

  • Sexual harassment in school is a daily occurrence for many girls and staying safe online is a constant pressure.

  • Girls are now 3 times more likely to suffer with anxiety and depression than boys and in the past 12 months alone teen girl suicides have tripled.

We all know that girls outperform boys academically and have done for some time but this does not translate into confidence, aspiration or career success.

We need to invest in our girls now and show them a better way, introduce them to smart female role models, let them know they are enough, empower them to believe and inject them with some good old fashioned GUMPTION!


Our core product is a 12 month structured mentoring programme called BIG SISTER where we recruit, train and support women from all walks of life to step up and volunteer to mentor a young girl to find her voice, become visible and expand her horizons. Interestingly the women who become Big Sisters share this personal development journey as it is almost impossible to inspire a young woman to step up, think big, ask, get out of her comfort zone and become more visible without doing this yourself!

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