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ECC first launched in 1994 as one of the first dedicated executive coaching providers. We now work with a variety of clients often as an extension to their own internal resource providing executive coaching, leadership development and coach training programmes. We work alongside market-leading organisations to improve retention and develop their diversity strategies. We are renowned for supporting businesses to retain their female talent.

In essence, we help businesses develop their talented people. Please browse our services or get in touch with our team who will be happy to answer any questions.

The need for gender-balanced teams is a priority for most forward thinking organisations. The problem currently manifests itself in the lack of female representation at senior levels. The long term solution requires a cultural shift where organisations recognise that the desire for a more flexible way of working is no longer simply a “mums’ issue”.

Millennials, new parents, people with elderly care responsibilities, Babyboomers reluctant or unable to retire wholesale from their careers and others keen to indulge a hobby outside of their work life are all seeking a new psychological contract with their employers. To thrive they want dynamic cultures where output is valued over face time in the office and where they are trusted to deliver their best by ensuring they are at their best.

Few large corporations have cracked the new modus operandi but all are working on a number of initiatives to get them closer to the ideal. Many of these initiatives involve programmes designed to plug the leak in the female pipeline. Our Accelerate programme addresses the issue of career development head-on with groups of high potential females in their twenties and early thirties. Our Parental Transition coaching offers support for parents and their managers to help effect a smooth transition through this critical life stage. Our Resume programme helps organisations to recruit back the lost talent; those that took a career break and are now looking to onramp once again. And for those senior leaders, both male and female our Executive Coaching is enhanced by rich experience working in the area of gender diversity, including a strong grasp on the neuroscience of behaviour change. Companies keen to take a more holistic approach to resolving their gender diversity challenges may enjoy working with us on Thrive which tackles the issue through the lens of Wellbeing.

To hear more about our programmes aimed specifically at supporting your female talent, watch this video of Geraldine, our MD, talking through our model of the 5 stages of a Woman’s career.

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