Professional service provider

Equality Group

Enriching business through diversity

Equality Group harnesses the power of diverse leaders for Finance, Technology and Social Impact.

We change the business landscape by widening the range of exceptional candidates and offering them unique leadership opportunities.

Our consultancy service helps companies attract, retain and develop diverse talent, which our Executive Search service headhunts.

For clients

  • Equality consultancy
  • Diversity audit/Training/Research
  • Equality search
  • Senior advisors, NEDs, investors, CEOs, CPOs, CTOs, CMOs

For members

  • Equality networking
  • Events/Coaching/Training
  • Equality search
  • Leadership roles in finance, technology and not-for-profit

I was a candidate for a role for which Equality Group was the mandated search firm. Having worked with several such firms as a client and a candidate in the past, Equality’s team stood out for their responsiveness, clarity of communication, and in helping answer all questions during and after the process. I enjoyed the entire experience and would strongly recommend them for any search requirements.

- Kaushik Suresh, AEF Associate at Generation Investment Management

Working with Equality Group was smooth and effective – not only because of how quick the interviewing process was, but because I received constructive, tangible feedback on my CV/profile and got matched to a great employer in a matter of days. Now I get to continue working with and engaging with Equality group at my new role, as I know our mission and values are aligned.

- Petra Muller, Platform/Portfolio at Manta Ray