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Are you looking to work part time or trying to understand the options you have to balance work and life?

DuoMe was born from the experience of how hard it can be to get Flexible Working that really works for your situation. Our goal is to simplify flexible working options for individuals and companies with an aim to increase the availability and uptake in the workplace. We think almost any position can be performed as a Job Share enabling thousands of role types to be more flexible. We believe two people that want to work part time should be able to apply for any full time position.

DuoMe helps you find a partner, plan how you aim to work together, and put together a proposal you can share with prospective employers.

Learn more about your Flexible Working options, find a Job Share partner, and create our flexible working request at DuoMe.

Are you a company looking to centralise your Flexible Working processes? Looking to lower attrition, increase productivity, and attract the best talent?

DuoMe offers a unique approach to supporting employees to request Flexible Working and simplifying decisions for staff / hiring managers.

We are focused on arming companies with an end to end approach that increase uptake across the workforce whilst keeping you informed about what your workforce is looking for from flexible working.

Contact DuoMe for a demo of our Flexible Working SaaS Platform.

Demonstrating a flexible approach to the way that you design your roles also helps to improve retention and loyalty of your staff. We welcome initiatives like DuoMe, that make job sharing more accessible and successful.

- Deputy Director at Government Equalities Office

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