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DrivenWoman is a lifeworking network for women. We run groups where our members define their own success, become accountable to their goals and make dreams happen. We get together once a month to create positive habits and put plans into action, one small step at a time.

Everything DrivenWoman does aims to facilitate a real change and tangible benefits that lead to action. We believe we are what we do, not what we say we do.



We’ve created DrivenWoman ‘LifeWorking™’ member groups for women to come together once a month to inspire and motivate each other on their individual journeys. This is our ‘method’. It’s not scientific. It’s actually pretty simple. And that’s why it works!


We currently have DrivenWoman groups in the following locations: Brighton, London Soho, London Islington, North Staffordshire, Birmingham, Manchester, Edinburgh.

At the introduction evening you will get to know the method of LifeWorking, create your first 'life plan' and meet other potential new DrivenWoman members. You can then join as a member and start coming to the monthly LifeWorking groups.

Community of Women Doers

There is some magic that happens when we get together to offer each other a supportive space where a story can be told

Francesca Lando

DrivenWoman has encouraged me to think differently, to challenge myself and to be brave.

Natalie Davison, Swell Communications

The word ‘sisterhood’ comes to mind, as everyone is so encouraging and honest.

Vuyisa Henry, Couture Surprises

The monthly meetings make you accountable – you want to be able to tell the group you’ve achieved something.

Charlotte Leuw, MyCarGossip

By taking active steps and moving forwards we can achieve what we want, no matter how poor our starting point is. It’s about being ready to accept that we have to step outside of our comfort zone and that can be painful.

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