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Diversily have a bold vision of a thriving and diverse technology sector where everyone has equal opportunities and together we can achieve more. Our mission is to drive change and inspire others to challenge the current status quo so that together we can increase diversity and inclusion and we can all be our best selves. We want to boost the performance of the sector and for it to thrive and continue to innovate with a workforce that is representative of the users we serve.

To think Diversily is to:

  • Recognise when you are surrounded by people ‘like you’ and the limitations of the ‘echo chamber’

  • Actively seek to attract and engage with people who are ‘not like you’ or in your existing networks

  • Listen, be open minded and empathetic to the needs and views of others

  • Actively seek out contributions from people with different perspectives

  • Not simply be guided by the loudest, most confident voice

  • Recognise and counter unconscious bias

  • Challenge preconceptions about people and what 'good' looks like for particular roles

We recognise that diversity is only the first step. Once organisations have a more diverse and representative workforce, the real secret to success is inclusion; ensuring that everyone feels valued and is supported to contribute to the best of their abilities. We believe that our ethos around being more ‘Diversily minded’ will support this inclusion.

The Diversity Canvas

We know our vision is bold. We also know that the only way that we can achieve it is if we work together. We have created The Diversity Canvas to give organisations a common framework to move forward together.

Organisations that adopt The Diversity Canvas can:

  • Boost business performance by realising the numberious benefits that having a diverse and inclusive workfoce will bring

  • Stand out as a business that is leading the way in this area to drive meaningful change.

  • Be guided by an easy to use tool that drives engagement, action and results.

  • Be part of a collaborative synergy rather than an isolated effort - inspire others to get involved and support each other on a shared journey.

  • Share knowledge, promote best practice and raise awareness.

  • Showcase, promote and amplify achievements and offerings.

  • Learn and be inspired.

  • Find relevant support, products and services.

  • Participate in the debate and dialogue and importantly give their people a voice.

  • Associate their brand with an important cause that will resonate with potential employees, customers and partners.

We want to hear from you if:

  • You'd like to know more or would like help to implement The Diversity Canvas in your organisation.

  • You'd like to use The Diversity Canvas with your clients to help them drive diversity and inclusion within their organisations.

  • You run a start up or scale up accelerator and would like to incorporate The Diversity Canvas into your programme to inspire your businesses to build diversity and inclusion in from the outset.

  • You'd like to promote your services or products to organisations who are looking for support in becoming more diverse and inclusive.

  • You'd like to sponsor us.

  • You believe in our cause and want to offer support to make it happen.

Diversity is about inviting people from all walks of life into your house. Inclusivity is about making them all feel at home and having the party of your life. - Marissa Ellis, Founder

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