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Digital Mums

We upskill women with in-demand social media and digital skills so they can find rewarding and flexible careers. Our groundbreaking training has a 92% success rate and is geared around getting women job ready like no other training can.

Our Mission:

To empower women with the skills, self-confidence and self-belief to find #WorkThatWorks for them.

Our goal at Digital Mums is to help women return to the workplace, hustle for the roles - and pay - they deserve and make positive changes in their current careers. We empower women with #WorkThatWorks by building digital and workplace confidence or getting mums job-ready in a flexible career on our vocational programmes.

Technology has transformed the way we live but has yet to truly disrupt the way we work.

Today’s on-demand culture means people expect 24/7 not 9-5 and to meet these demands businesses need an agile workforce. For decades businesses and the economy have lost millions of talented women (and billions of pounds) by refusing to offer flexibility around their families. Now millennials are following suit with 8 in 10 saying they want a more flexible way of working.

We’re developing an army of modern workers equipped with the digital skills needed by businesses to adapt to the changing working world. We’re also creating 21st century workplaces for employees and employers to thrive by helping businesses become more agile.


Work That Works® benefits everyone and has the ability to transform the lives of millions of working mums.

Develop in-demand digital skills and kickstart a flexible freelance career in social media. Say goodbye to tricky commutes and expensive childcare, and finally take control of the hours you work.

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