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Hire the best person for the job, irrespective of their background

Applied is a recruitment platform designed by leading behavioural scientists to remove bias and improve predictive validity in hiring. The platform aims to make hiring smart, fair, and easy, using research and data science to ensure organisations hire the best person for the job, irrespective of their background.

Here are some of the outcomes we’ve helped our customers to achieve:


  1. Three times improvement in interview offer rate
  2. Three times improvement in sourcing of diverse candidates
  3. Two-thirds reduction in time spent hiring.

The platform enables extensive name/university/socio-demographic blinding, plus a host of other behaviourally-informed changes to the review process to mitigate bias and better identify talent. Hear our CEO, Kate, talking about how broken hiring can be fixed and vastly improved, using behavioural science to make better decisions.

Here are a few of the things we do to make recruitment fairer:

  • Gendered language detection
  • Monitoring of D&I through all stages of the recruitment process
  • Anonymisation of applications
  • Chunking and randomisation of applications
  • Crowdsourcing of applicant assessment
  • Automatic feedback given to rejected candidates
  • Super-intuitive, frictionless application process

As a result, the Applied method has seen two- to four-times increase in attracting and souring of ethnically diverse candidates vs. employed population data

We work with organisations around the world, from government departments to start-ups to corporates, helping them to attract and select a more diverse talent pool. Some of our clients include Penguin Random House, Hilton Hotels, Made by Many, and the Office for National Statistics. Here’s what they say:

“This is so much better than the usual near-random CV screening.” Centre for Pubic Impact

“Applied’s simple process and scoring system allowed us to reach our shortlist in a totally objective way. As a result, we’ve met with and hired some brilliant candidates from outside of our industry.” Penguin Random House

Our method is causing waves in the academic and HR world, you can read more about us in this recent New York Times interview and an article about us in the New Scientist.

If you're keen to see it all in action - you can request a demo, or contact us directly at