Professional service provider

Alice Darbyshire


I believe that women are an invaluable part of business; and invaluable to business success. I believe that there’s huge benefits to business to retain women through the maternity transition (from the moment she falls pregnant to 9 months after the return to work) and that more and more businesses want to. Many of you just aren’t sure how yet.

It doesn’t have to be stressful

It’s a real challenge having highly talented and valuable people leave the business for long periods of time. Whether you’re worried about the client relationships, the skill sets you lose or that you’re not sure about how to navigate laws surrounding maternity or you simply want to do more to support women during the maternity transition then I can help.

What I offer

I have a training programme specifically designed for managers that shares ideas and tools to support women during the maternity transition. I also provide consultancy on your family-friendly policies, including how to think about and enable flexible working.

My offer comes from my own journey working in business, the transitions I’ve experienced and from seeing, first-hand, the positive commercial impact of backing Mums to return to work. I bring different perspectives together and create conversations that enable mothers to be career women and businesses to retain their talent.

“Alice is an exceptional strategic human resources partner and one that I have turned to time and time again.” – Richard, Managing Director