Inventory and Planning Specialist

Location:North Yorkshire
Job Type:Full Time
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Job Description

KIB4 - Inventory and Planning Specialist

Version: 1.0

Date: July 2019

Originator: Alan Rawling

Schneider grade:


To be responsible for managing and improving the production flows and service levels from suppliers (internal and external) in order to maintain high levels of production flow, customer service and profitability for the LVPD business through the implementation of best practice tools and techniques.



  • Functional knowledge of Material Management Computer System - MRP.
  • Identify, convert and order any required purchase orders
  • Create text purchase orders from received chits
  • Update purchase orders with confirmations
  • Chase overdue orders with suppliers
  • Resolve any invoice queries with suppliers, supplier leader, Plant Purchasing Manager and purchase ledger
  • Monitor and resolve any shortages/pre-shortages, other identified or potential risks to the production flow

Supplier Management

  • Cultivate excellent working relationships with all their suppliers
  • Hold supplier meeting with supplier representatives both on Scarborough site and supplier factory (using the opportunity to understand more about the product and constraints of how it is produced)
  • Analysis which of their suppliers are the worst by service and quality, creating action plans with suppliers to improve deliveries and standards
  • Understand which of their suppliers are closed in the summer and how this could affect the production flow and how best to minimize.
  • Use corporate and local databases to assist in supplier management e.g. PRISM
  • Create supplier logistic agreements

Stock Management

  • Understand stock and its relation to SAP configuration, ensuring the optimum stock level is maintained, utilizing the MM Tool to reduce unhealthy stock, and other corporate tools.
  • Knowledge of stock reduction strategies, batch size optimization tools, lead-time optimization and other related techniques
  • Ensure obsolete stock is kept to a minimum
  • Create and analyze inventory reports
  • Work with the site, corporate, procurement team and stores to keep stock to a minimum
  • Take an activate role in stock counts
  • Have excellent stock knowledge and be able to identify parts on sight or description
  • Familiarity with Lean Manufacturing principles
  • Understanding of the interactions and flows within a manufacturing supply-chain

Production Support

  • Understand the production plan of containers, one offs, cabinets, and other lanes to gain knowledge of the next job to be completed without interaction of the manager, using the available reports - consolidated data scheduling, container capacity and current export reports.
  • Complete all stages of sales order paperwork creation and staged issuing to manufacturing
  • Plan, monitor and release sales orders to programming and shop floor production queues, supporting manufacturing and assembly flows.
  • Work with stores and manufacturing to ensure production flows and any blockages are quickly resolved
  • Progress chase any reported shortages via shortage sheets, shortage hotline or team members


  • Work with quality department to ensure a quick and lasting resolution to any quality investigation reported relating to their suppliers
  • Keep QI database up to date
  • Be involved in PPeP's
  • Be involved when requested to so in external audits


  • Lead for support function part of the SIM 2 cycle
  • Ensure quick and lasting resolutions to SIM issues
  • Coordinate with other team member and departments when needed


-Assist in completing EOM reports that are affected by their supplier base

-Work with corporate team members when requested to do so

-Fully understand the SPS lines relating to their role and assist in any reporting or record keeping, developing strategies to meet objectives.

-Ability to change with a dynamic workload: From heavy multi-tasking during peak workloads - to very focused, detail-oriented work during critical projects.

-Analytical and strong ability to work with numbers and forecast data

-Work effectively with any department, manager or team member to ensure production flow

-Conform to and ensure all health and safety rules are followed

-Totally PC conversant, advanced knowledge of Office programs especially Excel (pivot tables, complex formulae, advanced functions and add-ins) and SAP

-Complex data analysis

Aptitudes /Attitudes Required

-Negotiation skills

-Presentation skills

-Strong analytical skills

-Ability to manage complex workload with many differing time-scales

-Ability to work in a team environment

-Remains calm under pressure

-Flexibility regarding work hours


-Ability to successfully implement the changes required to the company’s procedures and systems to facilitate the improvements in performance levels required.

-System flexibility

-Support from the supply-chain and other interested internal departments

Operating guidelines

-ISO 9001

-ISO 45001

-Industrial Excellence/SPS

Internal contacts

-Most managers and staff

-Schneider group contacts

External contacts




Direct reports: None

Manager: Process Manager – Supply Chain


Budget managed:None

Budget(s) influenced: None


Essential:Educated to degree level

Desirable:Specialisation in Operations Management or Supply-Chain management

Higher degree in Manufacturing System Engineering

Special Features

-Office base in Scarborough

-Some UK travel to other sites and suppliers

-Some overseas travel to other site and suppliers