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Job Type:Full Time
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Role Title: SeniorProject Manager

Business: Risk

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Grade: GCB4

Role Purpose

  • Compliance

Transformation (CT) ensures effective and efficient definition, planning,

management and execution of global change programmes related to financial crime

risk, supporting the FCR business teams and HSBC to meet its regulatory

commitments. Financial crime risk

covers key areas such as money laundering, sanctions and anti-bribery and


  • Global

Transformation Senior Project Managers plan, mobilise and direct projects

of high complexity and scale from project definition to closure. They are

responsible for the end to end planning and delivery of one or more

projects proactively balancing scope, schedule, budget, risks, team,

outcomes and benefits. Projects can be standalone or form part of a

programme. They are responsible for deploying Global Transformation

Project Management Framework and other Global Transformation Business

Transformation Frameworks (BTF) within their project. They work closely

with the Programme Manager to ensure alignment of their project with the

wider change portfolio and the Group Strategy, Values and Behaviours.

Senior Project Managers will often play a people / team management role

within the projects / programmes they work on. As members of the Global

Transformation management team, they may also have line or assignment

management responsibility for a group of more junior resources i.e.,

Alongside project delivery responsibilities, the Senior Project Manager

may have a line responsibility for a pool of Project Managers (people

management, performance management, resource management and professional


Key Accountabilities

Impacton Business

  • Plans effectively around deliveryconstraints and optimises the plan to maximise benefits and minimise risk.Develops the plan within constraints, considering the delivery approach, keymilestones and dependencies within the plan, requirements and scope, effort andresources, budgets and quality
  • Ensures the baselined scope, requirements,benefits, schedule and budget are managed as outlined in BusinessTransformation Frameworks. Identifies and intervenes where there is slippageand variance from plan
  • Plans and analyses costs, trackingoperating and capital spend, and tracks reporting to financial business casecommitments
  • Oversees the tracking of project/srisk/issues/dependencies assesses theimpact on the benefit realisation for the project/s and takes action tominimise impact, actively challenging and removing obstacles
  • Influences and collaborates withstakeholder and delivery partners to drive the right project outcomes.Represents the project team at discussions regarding project prioritisation andto create buy-in for risk mitigation and contingency plan
  • Obtains sponsor and stakeholder buy in toplans, key commitments and changes against baseline as they arise
  • Obtains sponsor and stakeholder sign-offfor deliverables, formally closes project, assesses stakeholder satisfactionand captures feedback. Captures key learns from each project and feeds backinto Global Transformation methodologies and best practice
  • Articulates to stakeholders the targetedbenefits and takes joint responsibility for benefits realisation
  • Manages the sponsor, working with them toensure project deliverables are met
  • Plans and manages the implementation ofthe change, to ensure benefits are realised and that the transition fromcurrent state to target state is smooth. Ensuring that the organisation andother change audiences are ready, willing and able to function in the newbusiness environment
  • .Works closely with delivery partners onplanning, design and estimating, bringing together delivery partner teams;actively managing dependencies between these teams and other projects andprogrammes
  • Sets the pace and operating rhythm,driving a culture of achievement and ensures pace by identifying and removingbarriers to project success
  • Promotes pace and energy within the teamand leads by example
  • **Op****erational


  • Produce a well-defined project plan inClarity, dictate the key milestones and assign responsibilities/resources
  • Demonstrates effective financial skills todevelop a detailed business case, including investments, detailed benefits andlink to overall finances of the business.
  • Develops and/or reviews estimates andestimating assumptions for the project’s schedule, effort, and cost usingestablished Global Transformation estimating models, best practices, and pastexperience
  • Mobilises the project team and allocatestasks and roles
  • Provides timely reports on project status,risks and issues, evaluating project performance based on managementinformation
  • Manages and reports on the project budget,acting on any variance
  • Manages and reports project risks, issuesand dependencies
  • Maintains project change control, ensuringany changes to baseline are managed through change request and all impacts areconsidered
  • Promotes and takes accountability forproject quality; identifies opportunities to improve delivery and oversees thegovernance process to reduce risk and ensure effective and timely decisions aretaken
  • Collaborates with stakeholders to definethe project strategy and develops a roadmap ensuring all constraints oftime/resources are met.
  • Ensures project teams follow quality assuranceprocesses and Transformation Business transformation frameworks. Ensuresgovernance processes and decisions are applied consistently, including:
  • Engaging the project sponsor andstakeholders effectively
  • Creation and running of effective SteeringCommittee, who make focused decisions, based upon accurate and timely status,performance reports. Using the committee as the first point of escalation.
  • Seeks project quality assurance, acting onrecommendations.
  • Plans and executes regular tollgates inline with BTF. Direct the project approach, staffing, responsibilities, andschedule to drive maximum productivity.
  • Capability and People Development
  • Identifies and shares the resource requirements of theprogramme, requesting the appropriate resourceby skill set and/orexperience, through the Global Transformation resource management process. Workswith the businessand delivery partners to ensureadequate resource is provided to the programme
  • Efficient and appropriate use of resources forming an effective programme leadership team, with the right blend ofskills andgood working relationships
  • Ensures good project induction and orientation – i.e. the team understand the programme context; programme and workstream structure/content, stakeholder importance andhowthis links to HSBC strategy
  • Defines high level responsibilities and objectives for projectand programme teams
  • Provides regular constructive feedback andcoaching to individuals to improve their performance and support theirdevelopment and career progression. Hold 1:1 discussions at least once everyfortnight.
  • Acts as a role model to create andmaintain a collaborative team environment which supports and encourages theprofessionalisation and development of our teams
  • Maintain astrong focus on people development and ensure project resources receive anynecessary training and support, particularly on the Global TransformationBusiness Transformation Frameworks.
  • As a role model, encourage collaboration and teamwork within the programme and with other teams
  • Outside of the project context, the SeniorProject Manager will have line responsibility for a pool of Project Managers,typically this will involve, functional management, performance management,resource management and professional development, by setting and agreeingobjectives with the Line Manager and coaching as and when required
  • Drive a performance management basedculture to improve and drive efficiencies and performance including theeffective management of underperformers
  • Promotesthe Group’s Values and strategy by creating a positive work environment andpromoting teamwork to drive engagement.

Major Challenges

  • Management and control of change programmewith ambitious goals and high change requirements
  • Defining the approach and dealing with complexrequirements and unique projects – often one off initiatives
  • Management of stakeholders and sponsors
  • Achieving benefits (cost reduction, revenueincrease, strategic goals) set out in the business case
  • Managing complex teams and working with multipledelivery and business partner teams

Role Context

  • The

vision statement for Transformation is “To be the Group’s primary change

partner, support the implementation of the Group Strategy and make change

a source of sustainable competitive advantage for HSBC”

  • Senior

Project Managers manage change through projects which are established to

deliver a specific outcome, on time and on budget. The projects will

typically have a clearly defined output, fixed start and end date with a

well-defined development/delivery path. Projects may be stand alone or

part of a Programme.

  • The

Senior Project Manager role is distinct from the Project Manager role in

the scale and importance of the projects they manage. They may also have

resource pool management responsibilities.

  • The

Senior Project Manager role is distinct from the Programme Manager role in

the following respects: (a) projects will be large, but will not tend to

have many sub-projects; (b) typically the complexity will be lower (e.g.

single country or business impact); and (c) the Senior Project Manager

will be expected to manage the whole project with a degree of independence

and will tend to operate with less support from Global PMO.

  • Senior

Project Managers are required to lead the change initiative, take

strategic decisions, operate at an executive level and manage stakeholder

and sponsor relationships. Project governance must be established,

including clear sponsorship, tollgates and steering committee. The

jobholder will not be subject to close supervision, and will be expected

to exercise independent initiative in proactively overcoming obstacles to

success, dealing with uncertainty and changing circumstances, such as

interdependencies, opportunities or risks. He / She will be expected to

adopt an agile and flexible approach to work and an outstanding level of

professionalism and conduct.

  • The role holder will operate within the usual authority

limits for a Senior Project Manager

Role Dimensions

  • Thejobholder will be required to manage one or more projects with a high level ofcomplexity and scope.

Management of Risk

  • The jobholder

will also continually reassess the


risks and

likelihood of operational

risk occurring. This will be achieved

by reviewing risks associated with

the role

and inherent in

the business,

taking account of

changing global economic or

market conditions, legal and

regulatory requirements,

operating procedures

and practices, management restructurings, and

the impact

of new processes.


and timely remedial action should

be evidenced.

Observation of InternalControls

  • The jobholder will

adopt the

Group Compliance

Policy by escalating

any identified compliance

risk in liaison with, Global Compliance Officer,

Area Compliance Officer

or Local

Compliance Officer.

The term


embraces all relevant financial services

laws, rules

and codes with which

the business has

to comply.

  • Programme Managers adhere

to the Groups

standard tools

and methodologies


  • GlobalTransformation Programme Management Framework
  • GlobalTransformation Project Management Framework and Agile ways of working
  • GlobalTransformation Change and Implementation Management
  • GlobalTransformation Initiation Framework
  • GroupStandard Business Case
  • Global Transformation tools like Clarity &Open Workbench