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**Role Title:****B**usiness Analyst

Business: Compliance

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Grade: GCB6

Role Purpose

  • Compliance

Transformation (CT) ensures effective and efficient definition, planning,

management and execution of global change programmes related to financial

crime risk, supporting the FCR business teams and HSBC to meet its

regulatory commitments. Financial

crime risk covers key areas such as money laundering, sanctions and

anti-bribery and corruption.

  • Global

Transformation Analysts are at the centre of how Global Transformation

shapes, delivers and embeds change working with the business and our

delivery partners. They are typically responsible for supporting

Requirements Management, Design, Change Management and Implementation

Management activities. Analysts work collaboratively with Business

Analysts, Process and Business Consultants, delivery partners and subject

matter experts in gathering, translating and clarifying requirements and

defining design options. In systems related projects and programmes, the

role holder will support Software Delivery and IT Operations with the

translation of business requirements and designs into more detailed

functional requirements and designs, often representing the voice of the

customer and business in these discussions. The Analyst will support


  • Management

activities such as early change planning and audience analysis; through to

designing and delivering change interventions (e.g. communications,

training, support, organisation alignment); and tracking and taking

actions on change readiness, adoption, and feedback. Analysts will also

support Implementation Management, including planning, controlling and

reporting on implementation of the change ‘product’, focusing on

accelerating benefits and minimising risk during deployment.

Implementation activities will also include managing implementation

readiness and managing the early stages of implementation (e.g. pilot). In

reengineering projects, they will support Process Consultants in analysing

and re-engineering world class business processes.

Key Accountabilities


  • Works well with

others and puts self in others shoes to gain a greater understanding of

their point of view

  • Maintains personal and

professional development - upgrades professional knowledge, skills,

experience and accreditation; acts as a good team member

  • Accepts the

continuing need for flexibility and takes a supportive, practical approach

to change and innovation; participates and learns about the change to

effectively adapt

  • Takes

accountability for work / time management; produces high quality outputs

and works without needing constant supervision, approaching new tasks or

challenges with confidence and enthusiasm

  • Solves problems

systematically, logically and independently and where appropriate

involving supervisors

  • Shapes basic

ideas, makes suggestions in regards to potential quick wins

  • Understands basic

tools from the re-engineering toolkit and uses these to conduct basic

analysis - gathering current state data (operations, financial etc) and

identifying improvement opportunities

Operational Performance

  • Gathersand details business requirements, supporting prioritisation and traceability
  • Designsparts of a solution based on the business requirements
  • Supportson planning a change approach, including considerations on how to manageimpacts to the change audience (e.g. planning/ sequencing of change activities)
  • Supportschange journey planning and highlights any risks and issues
  • Supportsteam to define and manage implementation (e.g. definition of interim and targetstates, pilot/ roll out approach and managing implementation readiness);manages individual implementation activities (e.g. develops training materials)
  • Preparesand delivers change communications and training to change audiences
  • Supports process mapping/ re-engineering designactivities using standard tools for both statistical and qualitative methods
  • Supportsre-engineering delivery and implementation activities Supports the production of business case

Capability and PeopleDevelopment

  • Understandsthe importance of connecting effectively with others to achieve their own andteam goals
  • Buildsprofessional relationships within work area and utilises this to learn fromothers and re-use existing Global Transformation knowledge and material
  • Maintainspersonal and professional development - upgrades professional knowledge,skills, experience and accreditation, allowing movement quickly and efficientlybetween work activities of different focus
  • Bringsdrive and energy to own role, as well as an enthusiasm to collaborateproductively with others
  • Participatesin team engagement and motivation initiatives (e.g. learning and developmentopportunities, team networking events etc.)
  • Speaksconfidently and fluently using appropriate pace and level; writes clearly andconcisely to convey information accurately and effectively
  • Takes accountability for work / time

management; works without needing constant supervision, approaching new

tasks or challenges with confidence

Major Challenges

  • Solvinguncertain problems – Analysts will often need to tackle difficult problemswhere some factors are uncertain and agree outcomes with multiple stakeholderswith different interests and viewpoints.
  • Multi-disciplinary – Analystsneed to be able to support the shaping of business requirements and solutiondesigns that encompass all aspects of the delivery (customer, people, process,policy, technology - system, data, infrastructure, etc).

Role Context

  • The vision statement for Transformation is “To be the

businesses’ primary change partner, support the implementation of

the Group Strategy and make change a source of sustainable competitive advantage for HSBC”. The job is

a major point of contact with

the business and

IT. The jobholder works independently and

has a high level of flexibility to

consult with the

business at all

levels. They will need to have

the ability to

work closely with and

build good relationships with Software Delivery, IT Operations, Service Delivery, and with

other delivery partners and

Global Functions. The

jobholder is expected to successfully engage in multiple initiatives simultaneously, taking a lead analyst role

in larger projects, directing all analyst activity.

Role Dimensions

  • The value of

this role should not be measured by the size

of the team, but

by the impact the

team is expected to


within the programme or


Management of Risk

  • Thejobholder will support the assessment of operational risks and likelihood ofoperational risk occurring. This will be achieved by reviewing risks associatedwith the role and inherent in the business, taking account of changing globaleconomic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operatingprocedures and practices, management restructurings, and the impact of newprocesses. Effective and timely remedial action should be evidenced. GroupProgrammes and regional/local programmes/projects must be managed in accordancewith the Group Controls Framework and with relevant FIMs. Solutions must complywith applicable legal and regulatory requirements - albeit that inherent in therole is the requirement to challenge our interpretation of these requirementsto ensure that we take a commercial approach to their implementation.

Observation of InternalControls

  • The jobholder will adopt the



Policy by escalating

any identified

compliance risk in liaison with, Global Compliance

Officer, Area

Compliance Officer

or Local Compliance

Officer. The term ‘compliance’ embraces

all relevant financial services


rules and

codes with which

the business has to


  • Business Analysts adhere to the Groups standard

tools and methodologies :

  • Global Transformation BusinessConsulting Framework
  • Global Transformation ProcessReengineering Framework
  • Global Transformation Initiation Framework
  • Global Transformation C&IFramework
  • Global Transformation ProjectManagement Framework
  • Global Transformation Programme Management Framework
  • Group Standard Business Case
  • Global Transformation toolslike Clarity