Senior Digital Product Manager

Location:Greater London
Job Type:Full Time
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**RoleTitle:**SeniorDigital Product Manager

**Business:**Digital - RBWM

**Newor Existing Role:**New


Role Purpose

The individual inthis role will be responsible for the digital product management of one or moreproducts and features as part of a Cross-Functional Leadership Team in order todeliver distinctive value to HSBC customers as well as to meet internal Key PerformanceIndicators (KPIs).

They will beresponsible for the overall set of customer facing digital journeys for theirrespective product or feature. These features are wide-ranging and couldinclude sales, servicing and/or marketing customer journeys. The individualwill need to ensure these features are best-in-class, simple, easy-to-use anddifferentiate HSBC from competitors. It will be imperative to account for themulti-channel customer experience and work in collaboration with other impactedareas, e.g. relationship managers in branches and/or call centres.

Examples of keyresponsibilities for this role include:

  • Leveraging market trends

and consumer insights to create seamless digital customer journeys to

increase conversions/transactions to generate additional revenue and lower

the cost to serve

  • Engaging IT/ Software

Delivery teams to construct quality customer experience at improved cost

and time to market

  • Working closely with

Digital Customer Experience and Service Delivery teams to improve the

delivery effectiveness

  • Liaising with Marketing

to promote usage and increase activation of customers’ products through

digital channels

  • Applying data, metrics

and test results from customer reactions to tailor content, digital

marketing, and customer interactions to improve ROI and customer returns

for the proposition.

  • Influencing stakeholders

and senior management to obtain buy-in deemed critical to product delivery

  • Creating and

iterating on a multi-year product roadmap and creating the business case

for additional funding

  • The rolewill have influence over multi-million dollar digital budgets and be expectedto produce returns substantially in excess of group targets.

Key Accountabilities

Impacton Business

  • Accountable for the

end-to-end customer experience for sales, servicing and marketing of

agreed digital products

  • Responsible for alignment

of customer experience with other products, channels, and propositions

  • Responsible for delivery

of agreed products in digital channels that continuously evolve via

consumer test and learn and quickly develop into commercially successful

lines of business or experiences

  • Has a clear understanding

of customer needs, market trends, and mobile-first technologies and

defines a digital strategy that takes these into consideration

  • Responsible for the

defintion and development ofimprovement opportunities across customer experience and

digitally-native capabilities

  • Refines customer

experience for new capabilities in partnership with Group Marketing,

Proposition, Multichannel, and other key stakeholders

Customers /Stakeholders

  • Individual is expected to build strong

relationships, adopting a joined up approach to execute change at pace

with minimum conflict

Stakeholderswill include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Line of Business (LOB) Senior Management

(global and local)

  • Heads of Customer Value Management
  • Heads of Digital
  • Digital Product Management teams (global

and local)

  • Legal/Compliance/Risk
  • Group Marketing
  • RBWM Technology, including Software

Delivery teams and IT Operations

  • Other senior stakeholders from HSBC

Digital Solutions organisation

Leadership &Teamwork

  • Effective team member that coaches others

through relevant communication and feedback

  • He or she should cultivate an environment

that supports diversity and reflects the HSBC values

  • Individual will build a culture of

continuous improvement in customer experience and functionality deployment

  • Drives collaboration within the Regional

and Global digital propositions

  • Seeks opportunities to integrate, simplify

and streamline activity through involvement of teams in the geographic and

functional matrix

  • Works in a facilitative manner to build

capability in progressing objectives, but does not lose sight of the profitability

and productivity outcomes

  • Actively engages external organisations to

understand market trends and implications. He or she is able to adapt to

changes in the market quickly

  • Acts in a manner that transparently

promotes the organisation’s values

OperationalEffectiveness & Control

  • Individual continuously manages key risks,

issues and interdependencies. He or she determines and applies appropriate

mitigation strategies

  • Ensures an equal and balanced focus is

maintained on operating and regulatory risks and mitigates these in a

manner that protects HSBC’s brand

  • Ensures collaboration with key support

functions such as Risk, Compliance and HR to ensure alignment of policies

and plans

  • Implements Global Standards,

Financial Crime Compliance and Risk considerations in an aligned manner

within the context of the RBWM digital strategy

Major Challenges

  • Working under pressure, flexibility to

redesign solutions in the face of ongoing change and iterative

development, coordination of a diverse suite of stakeholders, optimization

of resources against complex technical deployments

  • HSBC has evolved over its 150 year history

and its adoption of electronic channels can be seen as important as the

development of the business in emerging countries. Achieving a leading

position in this aspect of Financial Services will take a number of years

requiring the development of new capabilities and competencies with which

the Mgmt. of the bank and the current culture is largely unfamiliar

  • Ensuring that all HSBC RBWM services offer

outstanding Digital customer experience and fully deliver on the brand

promise and a coherent Digital Strategy

  • Providing market-leading, compelling

Digital product experiences that can leverage the global scale and

distribution network. With increased connections between businesses around

the world, the aim is to take HSBC from a collection of locally orientated

digital experiences to one global set across RBWM.

  • Driving out waste and duplication,

streamlining and standardizing processes and taking out paper / manual

tasks where possible and appropriate. Digital channels will be a major

facilitator of achieving these objectives

Role Context

  • The role will sit within the RBWM Digital business.The geographical scope for execution is global
  • This role

holder will be expected to operate largely independently in the

development, deployment and management of the initiatives within their


Role Dimensions

The roleholder will:

  • Sit on relevant global and local product

Steering Committees

  • Influence multi-million dollar budgets for

deploying investment in the digital channel and realising incremental

digital revenue targets

  • Have the opportunity to pitch for

appropriate investment and ongoing resources, which will vary from small

user experience changes to proposed partnerships and acquisitions

Management of Risk

  • Thejobholder will ensure the fair treatment of all customers is at the heart ofeverything we do, both personally and as an organisation. This will be achievedby consistently displaying the behaviours required to support HSBC values andprinciples.
  • Thejobholder will also continually assess and propose mitigating actions againstoperational risks associated with the role and inherent to the business, takingaccount of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatoryrequirements, operating procedures and practices, management restructurings,and the impact of new technology.

Observation of Internal Controls

  • Thejobholder should continuously demonstrate compliance with relevant internalcontrols. This will be achieved by adherence to all relevant procedures,keeping appropriate records and, where appropriate, by the timelyimplementation of internal and external audit points.
  • Thejobholder will adhere to any relevant Group compliance policies. The term‘compliance’ embraces all relevant financial services laws, rules and codeswith which the business has to comply.

**- This will be achieved by adhering

to all relevant processes/procedures and by liaising with Compliance

department about new business initiatives at the earliest opportunity.**