Accelerator Engineering

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Location:Glasgow City
Job Type:Full Time


As an accelerator engineer you will have a purpose to modernize applications and people in our firm by smoothing out sustained adoption paths for global technolog's strategic products, platforms and frameworks. You will use products, platforms and frameworks across the enterprise and will be steeped in how they are adopted by the many rather than the few. Combining this solid usage understanding alongside your insights into the dynamics of line of business teams, you will synthesize a trusted feedback cycle for continual technology improvement.

You will work in a feature team and be able to combine your knowledge of the technology organization to both aid in creating the right enablement paths as well as being at the forefront in adoption strategies for rollout.

You will have had experience with the strategic software delivery lifecycle products and processes and be versed in the architectural principles and practices that are common to the technology organization and their tie into the overall global technology vision. As a hands on practitioner you will be acutely aware of how the majority of the technology organization is adopting and using products and platforms. You will ensure that LOB teams have the knowledge and resources available to them to effectively support sustained adoption, allowing them to in turn focus on their business goals.

Product and platform providers will see you as an advocate, partner and voice of the engineer and will have a trusted relationship through which they can run targeted scale up adoption strategies before broad rollout to the technology enterprise. With your tacit knowledge of strategic products, platforms and frameworks you will be a contributor to projects to act upon identified gaps for enablement.

Your experience of common migration paths for the enterprise will allow you to ground a level understanding in the most optimal steps for engineering teams to modernize. You will be comfortable balancing engineering and architecture vision with grounded experience and use this to both inform and build out migration paths that can be adopted by the majority of the enterprise.

You will be comfortable not building new products or services, more aligned to ensuring that you can be additive to those in place. As a contributor to these projects you will create trusted relationships with product owners with whom you can be relied upon to identify the right set of logical features from your feedback network.

You will be an active member of the engineering community and use this as one of your many feedback points for the overall incremental productivity and modernization for global technology.


This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:

Must have

  • Fast learner and passionate in learning and applying new technologies and Global Technology products offering
  • Engineering experience in enterprise
  • Ability to develop clear adoption and migration paths for Global Technology products offering in a scalable and sustainable way, such as migration tools, documentation, etc
  • Empathize the frictions experienced by engineers and enterprise
  • Ability to architect an end-to-end solution for engineers by leveraging Global Technology products offering and industry technologies
  • Highly adaptable to constraints and changes
  • Strong influencer and communicator. Ability to influence and partner with large, collaborative teams to achieve organizational goals, and passionate about building an innovative culture
  • Track record of continuous improvement on modernization or architecture, such as migrating to cloud, framework, etc
  • Expertise in CI/CD and Automated Testing
  • Expertise in one or more modern programming languages, cloud platforms, enterprise grade toolchain:

o Java, Javascript, Python, C#

o Amazon WebServices, Kubernetes, Azure, Google Cloud Platform

o JET, Terraform, Spinnaker

Nice to have

  • Expertise in either application, data or infrastructure architecture disciplines
  • Experience in working in central functions
  • Ability to create and maintain educational videos / blog posts / tech primers
  • Data Analysis: Drive data driven outcome-oriented approach to tackle delinquencies

Proficiency in Agile and DevOps Culture