Head of DAO - HBEU

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Head of DAO – HBEU

Business area and overview of role

Data and Architecture Office (DAO) was formed in early 2020, bringing together some of the critical services which are used by all GBGFs into one organisation. Established to transform HSBC into a truly data-driven organisation by ensuring that every design decision has a built-in data consideration. As DAO we will provide leadership that enables data and analytics to be a key driver of our business strategy. Working closely to partnership with senior stakeholders and delivery teams all over the world to connect the business processes, data, products, services, and technology that underpin customer value and financial success. At the same time, we’ll work to drive consistency and simplification of our architecture.

  • Responsible to effectively and efficiently manage and implement the Group and local standard for the universe of enterprise data and architecture as it pertains to customer, credit, risk, finance and product to ensure a consistent approach architecture design, enabling high quality analytics to support regulatory, compliance, finance business and customer activities.
  • This critical role will work with key stakeholders such as the CIO, COO, CRO, and CCO and will be responsible for implementing and overseeing the execution of the approved Global policies, processes and data management framework, building data quality and architecture design principles into the culture of all Global Businesses, Global Functions and DBS (Digital Business Services) to improve the quality of data across the organization.
  • The HBEU DAO Lead will work with each of the global business/global function and lead the data strategy drive into each of the businesses as well as assist each business in the implementation of their business-level data organization and strategy. Role will require both first and second line activities depending on the nature of the project and the number of impacted business and functions.
  • The HBEU DAO Lead will be responsible for ensuring that the HBEU Data and Architecture strategy is implemented correctly across all Global Businesses, Global Functions and DBS, ensuring the data is correct and secure and the customers’ privacy is governed correctly and that new projects and initiatives are adhering to the minimum data and architecture standards and principles such as; use of golden source system, clear ownership/accountability of data production, proactive DQ monitoring and reporting, and documented data flow and data models.
  • The HBEU DAO Lead will also be empowered to organize, engage and lead a team of data practitioners who have corporate-wide knowledge and experience, as well as a shared vision, roadmap and accountability for addressing the business requirements for effective business information management.
  • This will result in significant business benefits such as reduced costs, improved client experience, reduced operational risk, better MI for business decision making and increased revenue and as such the HBEU DAO Lead will be responsible to measure and track such benefits across business and functions and be accountable for created a holistic HBEU view that can be shared with senior management and external regulators.

What you will be doing;

Role purpose

  • Understand and communicate what our HBEU customers want and need through utilising data.
  • Collaborate with Group DAO and local HBEU Business on the design of products, services, process, and technology solutions to fulfil HBEU customer’s wishes.
  • Support the delivery of data and architecture solutions by ensuring proper implementation and execution of Group DAO principles, strategies, and standards.
  • Ensure that the data we use is trusted and useful, by upholding standards around management, quality, lifecycle, and transfer of data.
  • Seek out cost reductions through thoughtful rationalisation of our estate (technology simplification)
  • Ensure the proper rollout of the Group Data and Architecture Strategy in the EU with attention to local needs - a strategy that reflects Group policies and frameworks, HBEU Business needs, and EU regulatory requirements – with full engagement and buy-in from Business CEOs, COOs and CIOs.
  • Collaborate with HBEU Business to build up strong data science and analytics capabilities to service EU CIO, COO and CEO.
  • Responsible for identifying, delivering, and tracking data quality and data management benefits cross-function/business and has direct delivery accountability over all major intra-lob and function projects
  • Acts as a single point person to the HBEU Regulators for the development and delivery of the HBEU data and architecture strategy and management/resolution of issues and concerns
  • Coordinates prioritization, resourcing, and delivery of data initiatives across global businesses and functions including but not limited to: Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Remediation, and Data Architecture/Design.
  • Accountable for identifying and prioritizating opportunities for HBEU cost saves and driving delivery and realization of benefits associated with Data in Cloud & analytics initiatives across people, process, technology and infrastructure.
  • Accountable for technical deployments or solutions implementation that will support the HBEU business – including but not exclusively: Juniper, Jupyter, HBEU Google Cloud, Teradata migration to Cloud, DQ Control Room.

Principal Accountabilities and Responsibilities

  • The individual occupying this role will have authority in HBEU to direct GB/GF CDOs and Architects, and anyone involved in data or design work, irrespective of their functional reporting lines.
  • Work with the executive team on defining local initiatives across business and technology.
  • Collaborate with HBEU CISO on Data Security roadmap.
  • Consult and advise GB/GF/Regional leadership on the best way to build up their analytics and architecture capabilities.
  • Ensure proper implementation, operation and monitoring of data and architecture controls, working with risk owners, CCO teams and 2LOD.
  • Work with HBEU business COOs to define and manage risks associated with data and architecture, reporting to RMMs, and any other required risk/data/architecture committee, as necessary.
  • Build a relationship with key external vendors authorised by Group Data and Architecture Office, to keep abreast of latest industry trends, including new technology.
  • Confront the ethical implications of data usage (e.g. privacy concerns) and partner with all relevant stakeholders including Legal area in the HBEU
  • Promote good information stewardship with Senior Executives and their teams across businesses and functions.

Leadership & Teamwork

  • Create, organize and lead the HBEU Executive Data and Architecture Council to ensure collaboration across the businesses and functions
  • Provide leadership and consultancy to each global business / global function to define their business level data and architecture strategy
  • Create a Data Culture across HSBC HBEU
  • Develop and maintain relationships with business partners/functions to support the strategy
  • Work with management team to mobilize implementation programs needed to delivery core functionaly (process, people, and technology) across the organization
  • Work at multiple levels of the organization: senior management to ensure alignment and support for the program as well as project teams responsible for execution and delivery
  • Ability to implement the big picture strategic view once approved but also be able to dive into the detail to support the delivery of that vision
  • Ability to translate technical plans/strategies into business benefits and gather business support for implementation.