Technical Program Manager - CTO GT Architecture Team

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Job Type:Full Time


The GTA Technical Program Manager is a member of the GT Architecture Team and is responsible for ensuring the successful implementation of the teams' initiatives.

The immediate priority is to contribute to the strategic initiative of transforming and modernizing application architecture across the firm, with a range of practices, tools and frameworks. This role will focus on the Banyan product initiative.

The GTA Technical Program Manager is accountable for communicating with all contributors to the Banyan initiative, both within the CTO organisation and in other LoBs.

The GTA Technical Program Manager ensures the successful delivery of the product priorities in conjunction with the product manager, ensuring all dependencies and risks are identified and managed.

The GTA Technical Program Manager will work with other product owners to deliver the initiative

This role is suitable for someone who wants to gain experience in product management; mentoring and support will be offered to enhance your career in this direction.


  • Engage with all contributors to the Banyan initiative to develop a prioritised and agreed implementation plan.
  • Engage with the development teams and product owners contributing to Banyan (for example, JPM|C4, AOS, CIA, evidence chain) to ensure a successful implementation.
  • Manage the product deliverables, ensuring:
    • Milestones are achievable and agreed across all contributors
    • Dependencies are tracked
    • Risks and issues are identified and managed, with mitigation plans in place - escalating where necessary
    • The Jira Portfolio view of the initiative is maintained and accurate
  • Deliver regular management reports on the progress of the initiative and important risks/issues.
  • Manage the user experience focus groups, providing summary output to the product manager
  • Identify and track GT Vision metrics to measure the success of the initiative.
  • Implementing (with the product manager) a customer education program on JPM|C4 and Banyan


  • Knowledge of software development lifecycle processes across the firm
  • Strong organisational skills
  • Good communication skills (oral and written)
  • Highly collaborative work ethic
  • Good skills in bringing together cross-team deliverables

Banyan Goal

To build a platform that provides an end-to-end ecosystem based on architecture-as-code principles (JPM|C4) in order to facilitate more efficient software development and improved security control and to provide a single pane of glass into the software production lifecycle for regulators, developers and line of business leads. Connecting all supporting technologies with clear reusable frameworks and practices for JPMC architecture.

JPM|C4 Architecture-as-Code Goal

To deliver a tool for architects that implements C4 design principles to enable

  • a consistent way for architects to describe an application's design
  • a central system of record for the current (implemented) state of the design
  • an inventory of software artefacts for use within designs
  • deployment views of the inplementation of the design