Product Manager - CTO GT Architecture Team

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Job Type:Full Time


The GTA Product Manager is a member of the GT Architecture Team within CTO and is accountable for communicating with (a) customers and stakeholders to ensure their needs are considered within the goals and timescales established for the Banyan strategic initiative, and (b) with engineering teams across the firm to ensure the goals of the Banyan product initiative are realised.

The GTA Product Manager prioritizes the backlog to streamline the execution of product priorities while maintaining the integrity of the product and works with other product owners to deliver the initiative.


  • Engages with and represents the stakeholders and customers for the products (specifically JPM|C4 and Banyan)
  • Ensure the product delivers value to the architects of the target applications and the associated development teams.
  • Ensure the product delivers value to other stakeholders (for example, regulators and line of business leads)
  • Ensure the product interacts effectively with other development systems to deliver value to these other systems (for example, AOS, CIA, evidence chain)
  • Manage the product backlog, ensuring:
    • It is visible and understandable to all parties (stakeholders and customers)
    • Is expressed in terms of customer value but also has sufficient technology definitions
    • Has appropriate acceptance criteria that help define the scope of the user stories
    • Collaboration and alignment is reached on the goals and timescales for the product across all dependent teams
  • Work with the GT Vision Teams to define metrics for the ROI of the initiative.
  • Define the scope of the product with phased deliveries where appropriate.
  • Identify and manage product risks and dependencies – escalating to the GT Architecture Team where necessary.
  • Collaborate with all product owners across dependent systems to help manage priorities and scope.
  • Develop a roadmap of product releases that support customer needs.


  • Good knowledge of development processes and the software production lifecycle across the firm
  • Excellent communication skills (oral and written)
  • Highly collaborative work ethic
  • Good skills in bringing together and leading cross-system deliverables
  • Strong organisational skills

Banyan Goal

To build a platform that provides an end-to-end ecosystem based on architecture-as-code principles (JPM|C4) in order to facilitate more efficient software development and improved security control and to provide a single pane of glass into the software production lifecycle for regulators, developers and line of business leads. Connecting all supporting technologies with clear reusable frameworks and practices for JPMC architecture.

JPM|C4 Architecture-as-Code Goal

To deliver a tool for architects that implements C4 design principles to enable

  • a consistent way for architects to describe an application's design
  • a central system of record for the current (implemented) state of the design
  • an inventory of software artefacts for use within designs
  • deployment views of the inplementation of the design