Data Science Developer - VP

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Job Type:Full Time

Role Background

The group is accountable for data discovery using machine learning with an industry-leading data environment covering both modern and heritage data estates. Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping how we work, interact and share information and content. AI and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are being incorporated into our data activities. These are helping to influence and re-shape our risk assessment processes, dataflow analysis, portfolio and catalog quality scoring, the identification of regulatory data, and operational and application-level interactions.

Key roles and responsibilities:

  • The successful candidates will join a team focused on supporting the data strategy and execution of the for data prediction. Principal to this will analyzing and understanding the data through traditional statistics and Machine Learning techniques.
  • Design and build predictive models that substantially increase the value that we provide to our customers and the efficiency of our operations.
  • The candidate will help forge the framework for machine learning for data discovery; this includes building algorithms and productionizing the use of them across a parallel processed environment include cloud based solutions.


  • Development new ML models and enhance existing ones
  • Bring additional expertise to the team, through modern design
  • Build scalable algorithms
  • Produce data visualizations that effectively communicate information related to where data discovery is needed for business case objectives.

Experience Required

  • Experience of data analysis and data processing using Python to write Machine Learning methods to analyze large and complex datasets
  • Should have solid Theoretical or practical experience of using supervised Machine Learning: regressions, classifications; Unsupervised Machine Learning: clustering, factor analyses as well as methods of Deep and Reinforcement Learning.


  • Good Mathematical and Algorithms Knowledge and Well-Versed With Probability and Statistics
  • Efficiency In Distributed Computing, Good Command of Unix Tools


  • Graduate degree (MS, or Ph.D.) in Computer Science. Engineers with a BSc in Computer Science can also make a smooth switch to this field with 2-3+ years of experience.

This role is a an outstanding opportunity within J.P. Morgan, and will offer the candidate the opportunity to join a high profile efficient team and take a partnership role within the Firm Data Management group, to support one the most significant change programs at J.P. Morgan Chase.