Information Architect - Data Management

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Location:Greater London
Job Type:Full Time

Information Architecture and Data Management continues to be a critical element to delivering on our business objectives and it’s something that is required in order to support the reduction of costs, lowering risk, increasing performance and enabling the transparency of business performance and client satisfaction. There are several associated objectives required of our Information Architecture and Data Management function:

  • Create and maintain accurate, complete and consistent governed Data Models with lineage and metadata to facilitate traceability to other metadata classification such as Data Concepts
  • Collaborate to create, maintain, govern and use Controlled Vocabularies and Data Souring Contracts with our Business Partners and the Chief Data Office.
  • Engage with Software Development teams to determine their requirements for Model Engineering solutions and build prototypes and pilots to explore enhancements and new ways of working.
  • Actively engage with development teams to use, develop and improve Information Architecture standards, tools and processes as part of the development process.
  • Incrementally standardize and simplify the Data and Information Architecture through the rationalization and reduction of models, interfaces and databases.
  • Deliver to firm-wide, CIB and sub-LOBs Data Policy and Standards (such as the System of Record and Authoritative Data Sourcing registration and JPMC Business Data Taxonomy).
  • Contribute towards the incremental delivery of the Data Strategy by incrementally moving the applications towards strategic data sourcing and standardization of metadata and tooling.
  • Standardize and innovate Operational and Analytical Data Management in accordance with Reference Architectures and Operating Models.

As an IA, you will work as part of the larger Information Architecture team to develop and deliver projects related to meeting the objectives. The role goal is to grow to be considered a Subject Matter Expert on Data and Information Architecture and Management across CIB Technology. This will be achieved this through working closely and collaboratively with business subject matter experts, project development teams, ensuring that the design can be implemented, and that delivery is consistent with the agreed design by adopting the modern engineering practices. Also work with the JPMC firm-wide, CIB and LOB core architecture teams on standards and integrated tooling around on-going efforts such as Data Lineage, Lifecycle Management, Quality Monitoring and Metadata Management.