Java Developer - Software Engineering

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Job Type:Full Time

Qualifications (in order of importance):

  • Solid development skills with all of the following: Java, J2EE and basic database skills.
  • Solid understanding of object oriented programming and design principles.
  • Solid understanding of programming principles, such as inter-process communications in the distributed environment; understanding time and space complexity of different collections and algorithms.
  • Solid understanding of patterns to implement scalable and high performance software.
  • Practical knowledge of production considerations, such as version control, code libraries, source control systems, continuous integration tools, documentation, code reviews, automation testing tools and methodology, and software release management
  • Experience with Spring and Hibernate frameworks
  • Understanding of Web Applications development principles
  • Familiarity with different test automation techniques and experience with automation frameworks such as Cucumber, FitNesse, TestNG, and Selenium
  • Experience in RESTful web services.

Job requirements:

    Specialization: Object Oriented Programming in Java, J2EE, Oracle, Spring/Hibernate frameworks.

      Collaboration: While working in a collaborative environment, participate in all stages of application development process, including design, implementation, testing and production support. As a person working on an agile team you are not an “individual contributor”, you are a team player. You are expected to work interdependently - collaborate, negotiate, respect people you work with, make trade-offs, and handle conflicts.

        Problem Solving: We expect you to be a solutions-oriented, out-of-the-box thinker who frequently comes up with new and innovative ways of doing things. People on agile teams work together to solve technical problems, handle issues, and interface with other teams.

          Communication: Excellent communication skill is a must. You are expected to effectively interact with both, technical and non-technical personnel. These skills should encompass all facets of communication, including both written and verbal contact

            Self-improvement: People on agile teams need an exceptional ability to learn and apply that learning–both in growing “generalizing specialist” skills and in improving team processes. You are expected to be open-minded to working in different areas of your systems (front-end, backend, middle tier) as your teams work changes

              Self-discipline: The real world of JPMorgan is frequently fraught with aggressive deadlines and last-minute changes that translate into long days and lots of hard work. We expect you to be prepared to walk that extra mile