TCU Analyst

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Location:Southampton, West Sussex
Job Type:Full Time

Main Purpose

To provide the station management teams and station staff with retailing support associated with TIS and TVM ticketing machines and to facilitate the fault management process for these machines.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Ensure your personal safety and that of others at all times.
  • Provide support and administration for the TIS/TVM & Smartcard machines.
  • Assist station staff with maintaining the configuration, diagnostics and operator maintenance tasks (cleaning / re-booting, basic house keeping etc) in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines.
  • Provide all TIS/TVM users at a station level with advice and guidance on “how to” tasks in relation to the operation of the TIS/TVM machine(s).
  • Provide all TIS/TVM users at a station level with 1st line support in relation to resolving faults with the operation of the TIS/TVM machine(s). Worldline will provide 1st line support for TIS out of office hours.
  • Review the TVMs as a response to enquiries from station staff, check machine status and advise as appropriate. Maintain a fault log and liase with station staff to ensure that machines are returned to full service.
  • Ensure that reported faults that are not resolved by the supplier within the existing SLA are escalated to the Retail Systems Manager and that logs are correctly maintained.
  • Maintain data/information on the number/type/priority of calls to the TCU for administrative review.
  • Liaise with IT and the CCSC (Customer Communication and Security Centre) for the monitoring/reporting of any incidents that may affect the TIS/TVM/Smartcard working operation.
  • Ensure that during times of train service disruption, important information relating to retailing (such as acceptance of other TOC tickets) is communicated to all ticket offices via email and the TIS ‘ticker'.
  • Perform administration for ticket office TIS accounts, user profiles and passwords (TIS/TVM users) for all staff leaving, joining and moving offices.
  • For TVM users issue, record and (where required) track user details and replacement of keys.
  • Ensure that all TIS operational machine spares are readily available and maintain asset register.
  • Set up and maintain station profiles for TIS TIS and TVMs. (Machine details/serial numbers/NLC numbers etc).
  • Maintain ticket and railcard data for each TVM location. Ensure that TVM ticket issue profiles correctly control ticket vending times and that only appropriate tickets are available to be vended.
  • Assist with the development of admin functions that will in future be required to deliver features on TIS such as currency rates, receipt header maintenance, local fares type, item maintenance.
  • Where necessary participate in the PIF process, ensuring that products designed by the Marketing Dept are easily sold by TIS.
  • Perform administrative routines to support the GoldTIS season ticket database:-
    • Removal of dormant customer records
    • Maintain station profiles
    • Periodic archiving of old records
    • Undertake manual matching routines for occasions when a station's connection to the database has failed and unmatched entries are created.
    • Maintain user principles
  • Monitor non-polling reports for TIS/TVMs/On Board Mobile ensuring remedial action is taken when faults occur.
  • Ensure that phone system generated reports are produced in a timely manner and dispatched to the required department(s).

Working Pattern

Monday to Friday, 06:15 – 20:00

Saturday 06:15 – 16:00

Sunday 08:00 – 16:00