Global Resilience Risk Specialist Payments and Transaction Processing Risk Senior Manager

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Role Title: Global Resilience Risk Specialist Payments and Transaction Processing Risk Senior Manager

Business: Risk
New or Existing Role- New
Role Purpose
  • Global Operational and Resilience Risk (ORR) is a sub function of Group Risk. Its purpose is to make sure HSBC understands, and is in control of its non-financial risk position. In addition, the function provides resilience risk stewardship to global businesses, functions and entities we operate in.
  • Resilience Risk (RR) Specialists provide expert advice covering specific RR risk lens to ensure high quality advice, expertise and guidance is available across all of the risk types of technology (including cyber) risk; data and information security risk; third party risk; contingency risk; physical security risk; building unavailability risk; workplace safety risk; and payments & transaction processing risk.
  • The RR Specialists operate on an entity-wide basis and must work closely with their RR peers, specifically, the ORR Business and Functions aligned roles to support them by providing RR technical advice and guidance for their consumption and use in delivering their respective relationship management remits.
  • The Resilience Risk Specialist, Payments & Transaction Processing Senior Manager is responsible for supporting and delivering the following minimum outcomes:
  • Provide technical advice and support globally to ensure stakeholders understand and are aware of the control environment and assessment of payments & transaction processing globally commensurate with the scale and nature of operations
  • Support the ORR Business & Functions team to explain in non-technical terms the impact of issues or events, and top and emerging risks that may require changes (for example, to controls, resources or business operations) to remain within respective risk appetites
  • Support the ORR Business & Functions teams to ensure risk and control owners have clear understanding of the effectiveness of the current control environment
  • Monitor the local external environment to get early sight of emerging payments & transaction processing risks and provide detailed guidance on controls required to mitigate against them. Build and maintain relevant cross-organisation and industry relationships
  • Deliver tailored and specific expertise across payments & transaction processing enabling 1LOD to successfully deploy and operate mitigating key controls
  • Provide technical guidance to support development and completion of ORR and regulatory reporting obligations (e.g. RAS, top & emerging risks, risk profile reporting, RMM, Board reporting where relevant, etc.)
  • Ensure the root cause of relevant global operational risk issues and events are fully understood and correctly treated
  • Ensure any concerns with key controls and material change programmes, relevant to payments & transaction processing, are understood and escalated as needed
  • Work in conjunction with the ORR Business & Functions teams and 1LOD to escalate any matters when needed
  • Lead regulatory and audit engagement pertaining to payments & transaction processing; ensure regulatory compliance for the payments & transaction processing and timely completion of audit actions and findings
  • Support training and capability uplift for the ORR Business & Functions teams to ensure robust understanding of payments & transaction processing risks.
Key Accountabilities
Impact on the Business:
  • Provide specialist actionable and contextual guidance across payments & transaction processing risks within both enabling business growth whilst maintaining related risks within appetite
  • Responsible for the review of controls relating to payments & transaction processing risks
  • Responsible for supporting the Risk Stewards with internal and external events, providing insight and learnings relevant to controls.
Customers / Stakeholders
  • Influence and provide direction to the 1LOD and ORR Business & Functions team to ensure they fulfil own roles and responsibilities and manage resilience risk according to the Group’s frameworks and within stated appetite
  • Build and maintain relationships with external partners, regulators, industry bodies and others to keep up to date with developments
  • Manage relationships with wider ORR team.
Leadership & Teamwork
  • Challenge and influence to ensure payments & transaction processing risk specialist advice and guidance is understood and followed
  • Work in conjunction with ORR Business & Functions team and the wider RR Specialist team
  • Support diversity and reflect the HSBC brand and organisational values.
Operational Effectiveness & Control
  • Partner with ORR Business & Functions team and 1LOD to identify, measure, mitigate, monitor and report payments & transaction processing risks
  • Partner with ORR Business & Functions team regarding Implementation of country Internal Audit and ORR recommendations and directions for the improved use of the Risk Framework related to payments & transaction processing.

Major Challenges

  • Operating with influence and gravitas across all Lines of Defences within Global Businesses/Functions and Legal Entities within, in relation to the management and oversight of resilience risk
  • Providing clear delineation between accountable activities under operational and resilience risk
  • Maintaining a commercial understanding without compromising standards of internal control and organisational risk appetite in a growing and successful business.

Role Context

  • The role holder will maintain close working relationships with the wider ORR team, globally.
  • HSBC serves the needs of retail, corporate and institutional clients delivering innovative and integrated financial solutions. The Risk function discharges oversight on the management and monitoring of financial and non-financial risk by the businesses and their support functions.
  • The importance of non-financial risk and control has increased in recent years and is now the most influential subject for senior management, boards, and regulators. An organisation’s ability for effective identification, measurement and mitigation of non-financial risk will have a significant impact on the achievement of strategic objectives.
  • The role has influence over a wide group of stakeholders and employees across the organisation.

Role Dimensions

  • You will be required to:
  • Work closely with all components of the ORR Team.
  • Build effective relationship internal and external to ORR
  • Enhance control understanding across HSBC’s Products and Services
  • The responsibility for non-financial risk spans globally. You may also be responsible for local entity management for other team members outside of your direct reports, according to HSBC local entity management requirements.
Management Risk
  • Responsible for ensuring awareness of the ORR risk impact associated with the role and must act in a manner that takes account of ORR risk considerations.

Observation of Internal Controls

  • You will adhere to and be able to demonstrate adherence to HSBC internal control standards. This is achieved by adherence to all relevant procedures, keeping appropriate records and, where appropriate, by the timely implementation of internal and external audit points, including issues raised by external regulators.