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Location:West Yorkshire
Job Type:Full Time

▪ Takes responsibility for delivering a prescribed budget for own area of the organization and/or conducts complex analyses on budget progress in other areas while working within established systems.
▪ Manages relationships with small clients to ensure their needs are met while supporting senior colleagues in managing more important client and customer relationships.
▪ Manage relationships with important internal customers and act as their business partner, while taking guidance from senior colleagues.
▪ Identifies shortcomings, suggests improvements and implements approved revisions to current compliance processes, systems and procedures within assigned unit and/or discipline.
▪ Manages the development and/or operation of significant aspects of the data management system with guidance from senior colleagues.
▪ Analyses key themes using data from a wide range of sources and identifies possible impacts on the business.
▪ Writes and edits materials for a variety of target populations, tailoring the tone and content to match the needs and expectations of each audience.
▪ Grows own capabilities by pursuing and investing in personal development opportunities and develops the capabilities of direct reports by working within existing development framework; provides specialised training or coaching in area of expertise to others throughout the organisation.
▪ Identifies shortcomings, then suggests and implements improvements to existing business practices, while developing and delivering projects or a work stream within the organisation's change management programme with guidance from senior colleagues.
▪ Develops procedures and interprets and applies policy for area of expertise to achieve specified outputs, or advises the wider business on application of policy, then monitors implementation of those procedures within the organization.
▪ Delivers own small-scale or medium-scale projects by working within an established programme management plan.
▪ Recommends ways to improve support for operations by changing policies, processes, standards and practices.
▪ Identifies and evaluates complex expertise-led solutions against a range of criteria to find the ones that best meet business needs.