Emerging Markets Debt (EMD) Total Return Portfolio Manager:

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Location:Greater London


Role Title: Emerging Markets Debt (EMD) Total Return Portfolio Manager:

Role Purpose

Participate in the management of $10 billion of Emerging Markets fixed income assets, helping to set the investment strategy, participate in idea generation, and support portfolio construction. Identify investment opportunities in hard and local currencies markets across EM. Maintain managerial responsibility for fund valuation, portfolio analytics and associated risk controls. Investigate and correct position misalignments and troubleshoot data and settlement problems.

  • Responsible for the Day-to-Day Management of HSBC’s Emerging Markets Total Return portfolios. Independently develop and execute investment decisions on country exposure, duration weighted exposures, curve positioning, issuer concentration; as well as, on trading responsibilities in fund valuation, portfolio analytics and risk management.
  • Understand, employ and represent a unique investment approach in Total Return for $1.5 billion in benchmark agnostic, volatility aware, beta targeted portfolios.
  • Utilize discretion in contributing to the management of the EMD team’s overall assets, helping to set investment strategies, idea generation and participating in team meetings for Macro views, Hard Currency, Local Currency and Corporates.
  • Manage key client relationships and provide instructions related to calculating risks and market positioning.
  • Evaluate complex business needs and/or compressed project deliverable dates, as well as manage resources with competing business priorities.
  • Write market commentary and provide investor updates as needed.
  • Develop and Implement Key Policies, strategies and Procedures for HSBC’s Emerging Market’s Needs.
  • Ensure requirements coming from multiple areas are aligned and conflicts are resolved effectively.
  • Ensure Rigorous investment strategy and best practices.
    Management Risk
  • Ensure compliance, operational risk controls in accordance with HSBC or regulatory standards and policies; and optimize relations with regulators by addressing any issues.
  • Promote an environment that supports diversity and reflects the HSBC brand.
  • Monitor the operational risks, Compliance and Regulatory impacts, as well as technical impacts of the projects they manage and those that are managed within their team.
  • Address any areas of concern in conjunction with Compliance and Legal stakeholders, management, and/or the appropriate department.
  • Maintain HSBC internal control standards, including timely implementation of internal and external audit points together with any issues raised by external regulators.
  • Ensure adherence to Internal Control policies, up to and including Clear Desk policy and certification of all mandatory courses.
  • Ensure business changes made through projects managed maintain Internal and External Compliance and Regulations by liaising with and involving internal Compliance officers within project teams, as well as obtaining appropriate approvals.
  • Strengthen the company’s systems, policies and procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with all relevant internal and external rules, regulations, and procedures that apply to the company’s anti-fraud standards and operating procedures.
  • Contribute to process improvement initiatives by identifying inefficient processes which adversely affect customer service.
  • Maintain HSBC internal control standards, implement Group Compliance Policy, and manage operational risk.
  • Take positions and calculate risks.
  • Develop and implement strategy based on macro parameters and curve risk premia, duration, beta and FX strategy.
  • Develop financial models to provide critical signals in bonds and currencies in developing markets.
  • Ensure FX strategy is based on accurate valuations, and yield curve arbitrage based on risk premia strategies.
  • Create and present detailed reports in both formal and informal settings. Deliver update on product initiatives to senior management.