Agency Lending - Collateral Processing Associate

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Job Type:Full Time

About Agency Lending
Agent Lending is a product line within Trading Services, which is part of the Custody and Fund Services business within Investor Services, CIB. Agent Lending provides securities lending services to institutional investors such as pension funds, mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and central banks. Agent Lending lends clients’ securities held in custody at JPMorgan and other custodian banks against a range of collateral in return for a fee. JPMorgan provides risk management to assist clients in the management and mitigation of risk associated with lending securities. This is a competitive, dynamic and evolving industry with clients demanding high levels of customisation and service, including detailed reporting and performance analytics.

Areas of the business include:

  • Regulatory and Controls
  • Trade Support
  • Directed and non-Custody lending
  • Trade management
  • Collateral Management and Cash Reinvestment
  • Tax & New Business
  • Technology and Operations Development
  • Client Crediting and Borrower Billing
  • Asset Servicing

Team Description - Collateral

The Collateral Management team is responsible for the oversight and settlement of Collateral trades, and managing intraday exposures generated from new lending activity. The role requires the individual to have excellent communication skills in conjunction with an ability to multitask. This is due to the complexities of parties involved and the volume of accounts covered. The will need great time management skills and an ability to work well under pressure in order to manage and complete the workload in time for the hard market deadlines.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Processing and settling the daily collateral trades

  • Calculation of non-cash & cash collateral exposures, working closely with the borrower community to ensure correct margins are maintained

  • Understanding cash flows and manual payment processing

  • Daily reconciliations and reporting intraday and end of day items.

  • Cash break management

  • Work alongside the trade desks, triparty agents, treasury services and counterparties.

  • Dealing with a high volume of queries relating to product understanding, settlement of collateral and general reconciliation breaks

  • Management of client relationships and liaising with relationship managers to maintain client expectations

Key Skills:

  • Strong business analysis and problem solving skills; Able to be give delegated responsibility to define appropriate solutions.

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Must be self-driven, fast learner and delivery focused.

  • Strong verbal and written communicator; Excellent at making verbal and written presentations

  • Well organized and be able to develop plans and break down into achievable deliverables, be able to identify risk/issues and resolve them to ensure timely delivery.

  • Ability to effectively multi-task and work independently when required.

  • Team player with strong analytical and collaboration skills, able to partner effectively with many different individuals and groups.

  • Proven experience working fast and with exceptional diligence, delivering high standards of service quality.

  • Previous experience & knowledge in collateral/trade settlements & payment area, preferable but not required.