Emerging Talent

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Location:Glasgow City
Job Type:Full Time

Scope of responsibilities:

Presence within schools – Organising events within school or attending events that have been organised either by the schools or by third party providers who we are satisfied will provide a high quality experience. These include but are not limited to:

  • Mock Interviews

  • Careers Fairs

  • Skills sessions

  • Open Door Roadshow

  • Partnerships with UpTree, the Social Mobility Foundation and other organisations

Running events on-site – Organising and delivering events using J.P. Morgan facilities and staff to provide exceptional quality messages to students and staff. These include but are not limited to:

  • Open Door events

  • Mock Interviews on-site

Providing a structured, quality, series of Pipeline Initiatives:

Work Experience is a vital part of student development and one which schools historically struggle to provide due to lack of available placements in the local area. By leveraging our scale and resources the Emerging Talent team now manage a programme of up to 200 placements annually with students coming from over 70 schools across the UK to our offices in Bournemouth and London. This also necessitates working with the business to arrange hosts for these students over a 1 week period and arranging of on-site presentations and events. Key tasks here include marketing the programme, selecting the candidates, placing with hosts, providing logistical support around logins, passes, hardware and being primary contact for hosts, students and schools in the event of any issues. This programme will be deployed to Scotland in 2021.

Think Ahead is a flexible, portable programme with high ROI (1 in 2 participants go on to make an application to the firm either as an Apprentice or to our Campus programmes). It sees a group of 60 students join us at Bournemouth University for a week long interactive research-based project and we now want to deploy this programme in Scotland as well.

Social-Mobility based work is also key for the team as we continue to ensure our offerings are open to all regardless of background. We have a number of programmes and partners here both internally (Philanthropy and the JPM Foundation) and externally (e.g. UpTree, Social Mobility Foundation) and we want to ensure we have suitable local offerings in Scotland in this space as well.

Running the J.P. Morgan Apprenticeships – J.P. Morgan has award-winning apprenticeships in Bournemouth, London and Glasgow and are a proven, complimentary alternative to the existing Campus offerings. The work here involves defining and confirming initial headcount allocation, marketing the apprenticeship, working with the education providers to define the courses, leading the selection process and placing the apprentices with their departments, guiding managers throughout all stages of the process, integrating apprentices into the business, supporting apprentices & keeping a close eye on both their work & academic performance as well as successfully managing the roll-off process. Again, the team are the primary contact point for apprentices, the business and the schools. It is a goal of the team to eventually have this offering in our Edinburgh offices as well so that we have a consistent UK-wide offering.

Other responsibilities

  • Continue to expand our virtual offerings, building on the work done by the team during lockdown in 2020 which saw us deliver to over 3000 students over the summer

  • Manage budget for the team, ensuring value for money in all activities

  • Identify and prepare Marketing materials and opportunities

  • Work closely with local and regional government officials on policy around Emerging Talent

  • Challenge all aspects of established recruitment procedures to ensure innovation and up-to-date approaches are in place throughout

  • Close partnership with key internal colleagues such as Philanthropy, Campus, Employer Brand, Press & Communications teams

  • Responding to any requests for assistance from the schools

  • Ensuring our materials are kept up to date and developing new ones

The key skills/attributes the successful applicant must have are:

Dynamic Approach – We are a small team who thrive on innovating solutions to challenges in a rapidly moving environment.

Controls Focus – This innovation needs balancing with the model we operate within HR to ensure that all our processes and procedures are compliant and follow best-practise. Particularly around data handling, given some of our data concerns minors.

Flexible and effective Communication – This role can see you move from presenting to senior MD’s in the morning to an assembly hall full of 14 year olds in the afternoon. Being able to adapt your communication to be engaging to both is essential.

Passionate about developing young talent – When working with young students if you’re not passionate, neither are they. You can’t inspire if you’re not passionate.

Able to build partnerships – As we expand and refine our offerings in Scotland we need to identify the key partners and stakeholders and bring them on-board to our model.