Senior Technical Animator - New Games

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Location:Greater London
Job Type:Full Time

Your Role Within our Kingdom

As the Technical Animator you will be responsible for all character, vehicle and prop related set-ups (including skinning) required for the animation team. You will also be responsible for providing tools and improving pipelines and workflows that will maximize efficiency. The ideal candidate will have experience creating advanced skeletons and control rigs for characters, vehicles and custom rigs/set-ups for props, ready for creating high-quality animation.

Skills to Create Thrills

* Excellent understanding of character rigging & custom rigs
* Expert knowledge of Maya
* Excellent skinning skills
* High proficiency in technical problem solving
* A good understanding of anatomy and human motion
* Advanced scripting skills
* At least 1 title released working as a Technical Animator
* Good communication skills and experience working in a team environment
* A desire to push animation in video-games to new levels of believability

Bonus Points

* An accomplished knowledge in Unity
* Experience exporting rigs and animations into Unity, and testing them, creating the animation controller.
* Experience creating high and low res facial rigs
* Basic animation skills
* Experience of SDK plugin development
* Experience working with procedural, additive, layered animation and animation state trees
* Experience working with agile/scrum development methodology
* A keen gamer who keeps up to date with industry-related developments

A Great Saga Needs Diverse Heroes

Making games is fun. Especially when you do it with people that share the same idea of what makes a good workplace great. No matter where you’re from, it’s all about what we can achieve together when creating truly magical moments for all our players. That’s why we hire all sorts of talent - because a great saga needs all sorts of heroes.

Making the World Playful

Officially, we are a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world. Unofficially, we’re a serious business that takes pride in having fun. Every single day at King, we mix intuition with logic, art with science and magic with mathematics to craft the games the world loves to play. Together with our parent company, Activision Blizzard, our mission is to bring moments of magic to everyday life. If you think this is something you can help us achieve, then we’d love to talk with you.

Want to join our Kingdom?

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