Deployment Coordinator - Electronic Trading Services

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Location:Greater London
Job Type:Full Time

ETS (Electronic Trading Services) is a highly specialized, end-to-end service family tailored to the CIB’s (Corporate Investment Bank’s) electronic trading business, and sits in the GTI SE organization. ETS has established itself as a proactive, nimble, and innovative infrastructure services organization with best-in-class execution and reliability. We are passionate about our customers, and we strive to stay in the forefront of the GTI transformation into a software defined delivery organization.

The ETS Deployment Coordinator will be a key resource in the ETS Delivery Management organization, responsible for coordinating server & network change work & managing facilities implementation. The Deployment Engineer will be accountable for the end-to-end experience of a managed change, including customer acceptance & signoff and will be key focal point for contributors from the ETS systems & network teams, Vendors, and Colo Smarthands – with direct responsibility for translating ETS facilities engineering specifications to facilities deliverables in support of the change.

The duties of the ETS Deployment Coordinator include

  • Change Delivery
    - Manage all ETS-originated changes in JPMCs change system of record (create, ensure method of procedure is attached & peer-reviewed, chase approvals, report pre/during/post change either manually or via automation)
    - Develop differentiated ETS process applied to JPMC firm wide change process (eg – ETS-centric change entry deadlines, weekly quality & collision reviews, technical peer-reviews, etc)
    - Liaise with Technical Delivery Managers on prioritization to ensure manageable weekly book of work and proper client expectation management
    - Chair change bridges, with accountability for escalation, back-out/commit/fall-forward management, & ensuring documented CIB signoff on committed or backed-out change
    - Coordinate ETS, CIB & 3rd party resources
    - Manage equipment & cabling shipping logistics (shipments, inbound tickets, warehousing)
  • Facilities Implementation
    - Asset management in Firm’s system of record and applying asset tagging.
    - Asset management system updates (moves, adds, changes, decos) – both for BAU work and reconciliation from Programme-driven site visits
    - DNS updates
    - Invoice management for moves, adds, changes, decos
    - Cabling implementation (installs, extensions, decoms)
    - NAS & server relocates, triages, component adds/removes, crossconnects in non-Colo locations via JPMC workflow system (PRIME)
    - NIC Card Verification (new cards are bought to lab for testing prior to sending to data center; testing done by app dev teams)
    - Organize the installation of media drop boxes, take training in Firm’s asset destruction management system, implement key management process & institutionalize controlled management of removable media
    - Work with JPMC Global Security & Investigations team to implement security controls in all locations, including cage/cabinet containment, JPMC access control & JPMC CCTV
    - Transfer/consolidate all site documentation to new Confluence Library

- University Degree (Bachelors or Masters) or equivalent work experience
- Strong experience in technology design, implement, support and/or change management role
- Experience in an IT role at a Commercial or Investment Bank
- Experience in applied deployment of systems, networking & physical infrastructure (space, power, cabling)