Global Markets - Equity Risk and P&L Product Owner - Director

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Location:Greater London


Role Title: Equity Risk & P&L Product Owner
Business: Global Equities, Global Banking and Markets
New or Existing Role? New
GCB Grade: 3
Role Purpose

Responsible for delivering an Equity Risk & P&L infrastructure which ensures the Global Equity Business meets its regulatory commitments (incl. FRTB), and supports the growth of the Equity and Financing businesses.
The key activity of a Product Owner is collecting and prioritising requirements from the Global Equities business and cross-asset / front-to-back stakeholders, plus working closely with technology, in order to drive delivery.

Key Accountabilities

Accountable to the Equities business for ensuring that:
  • Equities traders are able to risk manage their positions using accurate and timely risk / P&L
  • End-of-day / ad-hoc risk sensitivities / P&L scenarios are successfully delivered to regulators
  • Risk & P&L batches are delivered to support functions within their SLAs
  • The Risk & P&L product roadmap is developed, defining the key business requirements, managing sponsored deliverables throughout the development cycle, ensuring tangible and successful end-to end delivery
  • Equities Risk & P&L governance is effective, and progress / risks / issues are effectively and transparently communicated
  • Ongoing engagement with key front-to-back infrastructure functions (e.g. operations, technology, legal, compliance, regulatory change) in order to shape the product offering
    Plus, accountable for ensuring both BAU / strategic and functional / non-functional requirements are understood and taken into consideration in order to safeguard platform health.
Impact on the Business
Improved technology delivery into the business will decrease operational risk, increase regulatory compliance and increase trading revenues.

Customers / Stakeholders

  • Senior Equity Management / Traders / Structurers / Quants
  • Cross-asset Quant Dev group
  • Global Markets FRTB programme
  • Global GB&M technology developers (based in London, Hong Kong, Pune, India and Guangzhou, China).
  • Front-to-back stakeholders e.g. Finance / Risk / Legal / Compliance etc.

Leadership & Teamwork

To be successful in this role, the candidate must work in partnership with Technology in order to drive delivery.
They should lead and enable technology teams: removing blockers, answering questions and providing information which helps the delivery team move quicker.

Operational Effectiveness & Control

Throughout the technology delivery cycle, operational risk and controls must be at the forefront of a Product Owner’s mind.
It is also important to work closely with Business Management to ensure that control and regulatory requirements are understood and appropriately prioritised.

Role Context

Within the Global Equities business, a network of Product Owners has been established, which includes full-time Product Owners, like this role, and part-time Product Owners, who have a “day job” within the Equities Business.

Management of Risk

All technology development should be rigorously tested / signed off prior to release.
This role is responsible for this testing and sign-off process.
Development should be well-communicated with all relevant stakeholders to ensure external dependencies are raised and can be controlled.

Observation of Internal Controls
All technology development should occur within a rigorous framework of internal controls.