Performance Improvement Specialist

Location:Greater London
Job Type:Full Time

Main Purpose

Enable SWR operational delivery stakeholders to research, design, implement and track performance improvement initiatives with the over-arching purpose of improving the punctuality of our train services resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Principal Accountabilities

  • Assist with the creation of the performance improvement and performance risk mitigation plans due for delivery each rail financial year. Accountabilities included within this submission:
    • Work with the SWR performance analysis team to develop insights into the causes of train service delay
    • Attend initial stakeholder engagement meetings and follow-up meetings
    • Negotiate performance improvement and risk mitigation delay minute budgets
    • Own the performance improvement and risk mitigation documents and the updating of them by their owners
    • Write/update the submission document for performance improvements and risk mitigations
    • Communicate the overall company delay minute budgets to the executive group
    • Document the ‘lessons-learned' from this process and implement changes to improve next year
  • During the course of the year, assist the operational functions to further refine, track and report the progress of their performance improvement and risk mitigation plans by:
    • Attending functional performance meetings when required
    • Ensuring that the functions are updating their documents
    • Ensuring that the periodic results vs. budget are represented accurately in the documents
    • Attending Performance Steering Group (PSG) and assisting the Heads of Functions to present the progress of their plans on a periodic basis
    • Working with the performance analysis team to refine the performance forecast
  • Cross-cover your peer Performance Improvement Specialists on an as-needs basis i.e. to cover leave or support during times of increased workload
  • Based on trigger points of delay incidents, arrange Incident Learning Reviews (ILRs) and track actions in a centralised database
  • Engage with your Network Rail route counterparts to assist with the creation and tracking of their performance improvement and performance risk mitigation plans. Conduct bi-lateral challenges to improve the process for both South Western Railway and Network Rail.
  • Be a member of one or more of the strategic areas of focus groups as part of the Joint Performance Improvement Centre (JPIC). Assist these groups to achieve their goals.
  • Assist with preparation of the periodic SWR Executive Performance Group (EPG) attended by the SWR Managing Director
  • As part of a roster in the Performance Team, host the daily performance review conference call.

Minimum Requirements

  • A passion for a punctual train service for our customers
  • First rate stakeholder engagement skills. The successful applicant will be personable and have the confidence to challenge senior managers while maintaining an effective working relationship
  • Excellent communicating, negotiating and influencing skills
  • A self-starter that takes the initiative without requiring direction
  • A knowledge of the rail industry and of drivers of customer satisfaction
  • High level of numeracy, and good analytical skills
  • Ideally, must be able to manipulate data in excel to produce graphs from pivot tables

Working Pattern

Working on average 37 hours per week.

Office hours.