Product Owner Network Tools



Role Title: Product Owner - Network Tools

Business: Risk

New or Existing Role- New

Grade: GCB5
Role Purpose
  • Financial Crime Threat Mitigation (FCTM) focuses on the specific financial crime threats the firm faces now and in the future, pioneering the techniques and technology that protect our business, our customers, and the many communities in which we operate from the harms associated with financial crime. FCTM harnesses intelligence, analytics, technology, investigation, information sharing, and public-private partnership to achieve this end, always seeking the most effective and efficient means. FCTM is also partnering with Financial Crime Compliance to build the case for a more efficient and effective regulatory approach by defining a potential new regulatory landscape based on practical, tested innovation and serving as a thought leader in the ongoing public debate on the future of regulatory compliance.
  • The Product Management team ensures that essential systems and data are available to enable FCTM to conduct effective and efficient investigations and analytics. The team is proactive and future-looking, shaping financial crime technology and promoting its adoption across Compliance.
  • The role holder will be responsible for the identification, analysis and implementation of requirements for new capabilities used by FCTM to assess and analyse financial crime and reputational risk for all of the Bank’s clients. This will require close and productive working relationships with the IT development team and FCTM analysts, and skilled relationship management with both internal system owners and external data vendors.
  • The role may require occasional nationwide or overseas travel.
Key Accountabilities
Impact on the Business
  • Develop specialist knowledge of the product management process to support all new project and enhancement requests within the overall FCTM and Compliance objectives.
  • Gather relevant data, costs and requirements to enable accurate and balanced decisions to be made.
  • Ensure requirements are communicated clearly, consistently and software delivery, operations and functional colleagues at all levels.
  • Be pro-active and seek opportunities to improve the system usage by engaging with all relevant stakeholders and subject matter experts in a collaborative manner.
  • Demonstrating product capabilities to new and existing users and conducting training as required.
  • May be required to augment software testing capabilities as necessary.

Customers / Stakeholders

  • Build networks and manage day-to-day relationships with all staff on technology related matters in Risk and Business.
  • Collate requests from business and risk for intelligence or opportunities to leverage FCTM technology and data to help in the prioritisation process.
  • Strengthen and broaden internal relationships with global functions, lines of business, regions, and countries who directly benefit from or interact with FCTM systems, including:
  • Regional Product Management colleagues within FCTM
  • FCTM managers and lead users
  • Compliance stakeholders
  • Software delivery and operations colleagues
  • Lines of business stakeholders

Leadership & Teamwork

  • Provides support and direction at a global level and support at a regional level to the deployment of systems within FCTM and Compliance.
  • Establish and promote a learning culture focused on open feedback and continuous improvement.
  • Pro-active and supportive of colleagues and able to demonstrate imitative and a logical approach to solving business issues.
  • Develop and share knowledge across the FCTM function.

Operational Effectiveness & Control

  • Ensure business and regulatory implications of system design and operation are proactively anticipated, considered and communicated throughout the lifecycle.
  • Establish manual and automated technical processes to ensure and evidence rigorous adherence to Group policies and management of operational risk.
  • Develop and present options to implement controls whilst retaining full benefit from investment in systems.
  • Maintain sound understanding of key threats and system vulnerabilities and engage proactively with risk stewards to mitigate the impact of compromise.
Major Challenges
  • Identifying and driving enhancements to FCTM Product Management capabilities to drive greater global operational effectiveness and increase the return on investment.
  • Developing and maintaining strong and productive relationships with a diverse set of customers and stakeholders.
  • Using the technical and business knowledge to formulate actionable solutions to problems or identify new opportunities to enhance the system.
  • Rapidly developing an accurate understanding of highly complex intelligence, analytics and case management tools, including multiple data feeds.
  • Developing a large body of contextual knowledge on banking sectors and the associated specific financial crime risks.
Role Context
  • The role holder will be expected to demonstrate considerable entrepreneurial spirit to obtain the necessary knowledge and identify and realise opportunities.
  • The role holder will have access to highly sensitive information and must exercise sound judgement in protecting it whilst adhering to all relevant rules and regulations.
  • The role holder will be required to work with team members in multiple jurisdictions and time zones.
Role Dimensions
  • Due to the nature of the role there is limited direct financial responsibility. However, the largest fraud/financial crime events in the banking environment have the potential to result in losses of billions of dollars, so the indirect financial impact of the role is highly significant.
Management of Risk
  • The role itself involves risk management and the role holder must show strong leadership in this area by continually reassessing the operational risks associated with the role, taking account of changing economic, legal, technological and regulatory environments and adhering to all procedures and practices.

Observation of Internal Controls

  • The role itself involves risk management and the role holder must show strong leadership in this area by continually reassessing the operational risks associated with the role, taking account of changing economic, legal, technological and regulatory environments and adhering to all procedures and practices.