CTB Investments - Portfolio Manager

Location:Greater London


Role Title: CTB Investments - Portfolio Manager

Business: Global Banking and Markets

New or Existing Role? Existing
Grade: GCB4
Role Purpose
  • The Portfolio Manager forms part of the CtB Investments team within the Global Banking & Markets Cost, Investment & Governance function.
  • The role holder will lead portfolio management support activity across the GBM Change Portfolio, and is responsible for liaising with senior stakeholders to govern investment for key initiatives. This entails generating monthly and ad-hoc analytics and insight on delivery health, financial health and benefits realisation in order to make appropriate recommendations to GBM PIDC and GBM ExCo PIDC.
  • He/she will also be responsible for facilitating the shaping of the Change portfolio and annual operating planning to ensure alignment of investment allocation to GBM and Group strategic objectives.
Key Accountabilities

Value Creation

  • Initiate the end-to-end Investment Planning (IP) project through the controlled release of required artefacts
  • Support annual operating planning and the shaping of the Change portfolio within designated Business Lines / Portfolios / Regions, engaging with stakeholders to ensure alignment to GBM and Group strategic objectives
  • Manage the inflow of investment cases (all types), providing rigor around the known standards and the benefits requirements
  • Central point of control and contact for IP, driving the ongoing end-to-end process
  • Develop portfolio analytics and insight on delivery health, financial health, and benefits realisation to support GBM leadership informed decision-making on investment allocation
  • Using a range of techniques, objectively analyse and categorise every investment case type, into: non-concerning, concerning, flagged concerning
  • Ensure that consistent and accurate data forms the basis of insight reporting and MI
  • Actively facilitate the portfolio prioritisation and quarterly funding process based on portfolio performance and new demand, highlighting and monitoring cross-programme dependencies within and outside of the portfolio
  • Govern change requests for additional funding from Business Line / Portfolios, and provide approval / decline recommendations to the GBM ExCo PIDC
  • Coordinate ad-hoc reporting requests, liaising with stakeholders as required
Operational Performance
  • Drive transparency on portfolio performance within designated areas, liaising with Business Lines / Regions / Business Delivery (e.g. COOs and Heads of Change) and PMO Managers to ensure accurate and consistent tracking of milestones, costs and benefits against targets
  • Communicate to Portfolio Management Community any needed changes to the portfolio prioritisation and reporting frameworks desired by Business Lines / Regions / Business Delivery and PMO Managers
Capability and People Development
  • Foster close collaboration between CtB Investments, Business Lines / Regions / Business Delivery (e.g. COOs and Heads of Change), and PMO Managers
  • Contribute to a positive working environment
  • Build close working relationships with PMO Managers within designated portfolios
  • Ensure the fair treatment to customers, both personally and as an organisation, by displaying the behaviour outlined in HSBC Group’s core values
Major Challenges
  • Supporting Business Lines / Regions / Business Delivery (e.g. COOs and Heads of Change) in facilitating executive decision-making in a large variety of contexts, across complex portfolios operating in GBM businesses and within potentially tight timeframes
  • Driving the uptake of standardised processes and tooling to improve the reporting of programme and portfolio performance
  • Managing the continuous improvement of Business Line PMO Managers who have very different starting points in term of best practice baseline
Role Context
  • The vision statement for CtB Investments is to provide transparency over Change portfolio costs and benefits to enable the GBM leadership team to better align investment to strategic priorities.
  • The Portfolio Relationship Manager is required to work with senior stakeholders, business sponsors and PMO Managers. They are also expected to continuously improve on the status quo and keep up-to-date with the changes in the wider organisation as well as industry and to be able to factor these changes into their outputs.
  • The jobholder is expected to exercise independent initiative in proactively overcoming obstacles to success, relying on general direction-setting from the Head of CtB Investments as well as feedback from the various stakeholders.
Role Dimensions
  • The jobholder will be required to manage concurrent requests from the Head of CtB Investments and GBM leadership, Business Lines / Regions / Business Delivery (e.g. COOs, Heads of Change), as well as PMO Managers throughout the GBM Change community.
Management of Risk

The jobholder will also continually reassess the operational risks and likelihood of operational risk occurring. This will be achieved by:

  • Reviewing risks associated with the role and inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices, management restructurings, and the impact of new processes.
  • Reviewing risks borne of non-compliance to programme/project management standards, policies and best practices
  • Facilitating the support activities required to support executive decision making on the GBM Change portfolio
  • The jobholder should then address any areas of concern in conjunction with line management and/or the appropriate department.

Observation of Internal Controls

  • The jobholder will adopt the Group Compliance Policy by escalating any identified compliance risk in liaison with, Global Compliance Officer, Area Compliance Officer or Local Compliance Officer.
  • Portfolio Relationship Managers adhere to the Groups standard tools and methodologies:
  • HSBC Portfolio/Programme/Project Management Framework
  • Group Standard Investment Summary / Business Case
  • Tools: Clarity, GPDM, SharePoint