Principal Engineer (Tech Lead)

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Location:Greater London
Job Type:Full Time

Your Role Within Our Kingdom

You will be required to engage and liaise with development teams across the business (both in Shared Tech and Game Studios) to influence external technical decisions for your game and seize opportunities for improvements towards your project’s needs. There will be plenty of opportunities to tackle complex problems, work on a wide variety of solutions and extend quality benchmarks. As a principal engineer, you will among other things:
* Architect and develop technical solutions for an array of business and tech-led objectives
* Ensure alignment with King's vision and quality standards through, for example code and design reviews
* Build proof-of-concepts to support technical design and feasibility review
* Be a role model with solid coding skills, an innovative mindset, and the ability to inspire those around you
* Mentor your fellow developers, contributing to an innovative and open culture that thrives on technical excellence
* Understand and be able to explain to non-technical people how the parts of King’s tech stack interact and what the implications of technical decisions will be
* Support the technical roadmap of the studio by demonstrating initiative to identify key areas for investment, gaining the momentum and leveraging the people to make strides towards such goals
* Be required to lead multiple groups of developers to devlier against KPIs, stepping in when necessary help guide implementation details
* Proactively and constructively contribute to assessing cross-discipline needs for your project and surfacing solutions that benefit the wider organisation in terms of effectivity
* Promote the work that you and members of your team are doing, to nurture sharing of ideas and present benefits across the studio
* Autonomously forge relevant links with various tech/game teams across the business to unblock impediments and evaluate appropriate shared solutions Following are expectations specific to tech leaders, broken down into focus areas (some cross-over with points above): Tech Knowledge:
* Be the point of contact for technical questions related to your project and King Tech Stack
* Be the responsible decision maker for design / architecture / tech choices Demonstrate knowledge of all critical systems to maintain your project’s deliverables
* Investigate possible solutions (providing pros vs cons) towards meeting the needs of your project
* Communicate rationale to team and stakeholders for technicaldecisions and provide reasons for chronology of tasks Team/Relationships:
* Align with development team on high level architecture/design for solutions
* Provide guidance to your development team on tech choices and decisions, when required
* Where applicable, delegate code tasks to relevant and appropriate members of your team to expand their experiences and allow strategic/tactical planning of deliverables
* Educate other teams on code design, best practices and quality standards that have been effective in your team
* Explore how to work together with other teams in the same code base to increase efficiency
* Represent the developers on your team in communication with leadership, production and external parties
* Identify resource needs (people, software, hardware) to accomplish team mission
* Propose effective team structure(s) for tech members of your team
* Be a role model for culture, values and behaviour within your team
* Represent the development craft in leadership / external meetings (or delegate accordingly to do so)
* Provide visibility of tasks, risks and mitigation plans to the team
* Unblock / escalate your development team’s technical impediments Product:
* Champion your project’s missions and balance production goals with technical objectives
* Curate, manage and own the technical roadmap and drive for its implementation to provide an overview of the long-term technical objectives for successful delivery of your project
* Flag potential impact on deliverable timelines based on technical decisions with your production team
* Providing/informing other crafts of technical insights related to their needs/work
* Be responsible for making connections, forging relationships and arranging visits with tech support teams, to leverage their capacity for your project
* Identify and escalate opportunities for improvements to your code projects that increase productivity
* Drive the initiative to output higher quality code
* Contribute work to project that is not critical path or urgent

Skills To Create Thrills

* Proven experience as technical team lead of live game(s)
* BSc/MS in Computer Science or equivalent technical education/experience
* Long-standing software development experience and proven technical mentorship skills
* Fluent in modern C++
* Proven understanding of secondary language(s)
* Experience with development and architecture of game-related frameworks
* Professional experience with leading projects/tasks from start to finish
* Self-starter and proactive
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills and ability to work effectively in distributed team environments

Bonus Points

* Extensive experience working with current mobile platforms, including the steps required to take a game to live environment
* Experience with development on PC and Console platforms
* Tools development experience
* Line management experience desirable (though note the role doesn’t specifically require managing direct reports)

A Great Saga Needs All Sorts of Heroes

Making games is fun. Especially when you do it with people that share the same idea of what makes a good workplace great. No matter where you’re from, it’s all about what we can achieve together when creating truly magical moments for all our players. That’s why we hire all sorts of talent - because a great saga needs all sorts of heroes.

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