Renewable Energy Project Manager

Job Type:Full Time

Panama's first wind farm at 270MW was just one of the recent Mott MacDonald wind energy jobs where we were both lender's and owner's engineer on the project. In Kenya we were lender's engineer and are now construction monitoring the £454M Lake Turkana wind farm which will provide up to 17% of Kenya's annual energy needs.

We provided technical due diligence and review of over 50 projects for French renewable energy producer Voltalia across Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America, were technical advisor on the World Bank Group's Scaling Solar Initiative, Africa and lender's technical advisor on the San Pedro III solar plant, Chile

As a renewable energy project manager you will lead renewable projects such as this (and more!) and they could be anywhere in the world.

The services we provide are varied and include due diligence studies (technical, contractual and financial) construction and operation monitoring, contractual reviews, energy yield analysis, feasibility studies, market and strategic advice, project development assistance, regulatory development, analysis and review and technology assessments. As a renewable energy engineer and project manager you'll be delivering and sometimes managing these kinds of projects.

You have access to our connected network of over 18,000 people. As well as our engineering and project management people, we have energy regulation advisors, energy economists and financial analysts. Energy environmental experts in impact assessment, permitting, ecology, social, air and noise.

All of this in addition to our large renewable energy team based in offices across Asia, Africa, Europe. Latin America and North America. Our mission is to always connect globally, seek and open opportunities for clients and continue supporting the amazing growth of the renewables sector globally.

The key candidate requirements are as follows:
a thorough understanding of technical advisory work for large wind and/or solar projects including specific risks associated to development, construction and operation
electrical engineering degree
able to manage large projects utilising large numbers of staff and subcontractors
demonstrated experience working on wind or solar technical due diligence projects
able to advise clients on issues encountered during a due diligence including its possible mitigants
experience of working with a developer
high level of English