Technical Business Analyst

Location:South Yorkshire


Role Title: Technical Business Analyst

Business: Risk Management

New or Existing Role- Replacement

Grade: GCB5
Role Purpose
  • This role is responsible for supporting the development and maintenance of models and methodologies for FCR Analytics risk measurement.
  • The core objectives are:
  • to work with project leaders in the review and improvement of the existing suite of models and methodologies, to support improvements to the systems and data infrastructure supporting deployment of the traded risk models, and
  • to participate in projects aimed at aligning methodologies, governance and policies around the Group, and keep abreast of regulatory requirements
  • The position is responsible for ensuring compliance coverage of Transaction Monitoring models.
  • Role holder will have delivery responsibility of analytics for
  • Risk & coverage
  • AML Scenarios
  • Contextual models
  • Event Triage
Key Accountabilities

Impact on Business

  • Appropriately calibrated and applied FCR Analytics Risk models helps ensure that risk is more accurately quantified and allocated. This in turn leads to more appropriate risk-return analysis for the business.
  • Regulatory approval for effective risk models aligns risk measurement and capital.
  • Understanding of regulatory requirements means the business is forewarned of changes in the regulation and can prepare accordingly.
  • Effective communication with the FCR Analytics team at both Regional and Group levels ensures there is a strong common understanding of the risk models and that best practices are being applied.
  • Providing bespoke analysis for new business helps ensure that the business can make appropriate risk/capital assessments.
  • Assure the global standards for relevant models and analytics adhere to HSBC model governance and regulatory demand.
  • Provision of analytics to identify new risk trends and risks and recommend model or control amendments to address
  • Promote a culture of data driven decision making, aligning short term decisions and investments with longer term vision and objectives

Customers / Stakeholders

  • Deliver fair outcomes for our customers and ensure own conduct maintains the orderly and transparent operation of financial markets
  • Develop close and effective working relationships with Global Business, Regional & Functions to ensure impacted parties are well informed from a Group / Regional perspective on region and best practice sharing
  • Engage stakeholders at the right level, on the right issues and in the appropriate context to obtain a deeper understanding of their business and responsibility, their requirements and the impacts of the services and products FCR offers
  • Build trust and credibility with stakeholders in order to objectively engage them and where appropriate challenge their views
  • Demonstrate analytical thinking, sound judgment, critical analysis, attention to detail and provide value-added advice

Leadership & Teamwork

  • As required, support specific model development
  • Work closely with Regional and Group FCR Analytics teams
  • Establish and maintain strong working relationships with with key stakeholders (i.e. Business, Risk, Finance)
  • Support achievement of the HSBC vision, Values, goals and culture in personal behaviour, actions and decision making
  • Take personal responsibility for understanding and agreeing performance expectations, completing the necessary mandatory training and developing the levels of capability and competence needed to be effective in the role
  • Contribute to team development, effectiveness and success by sharing knowledge and good practice, working collaboratively with others to create a productive, diverse and supportive working environment
  • Work collaboratively across a range of teams fostering positive working behaviours
  • Contribute to the team’s high engagement and motivation levels
  • Provide strong team performance management and direction for direct reports
  • Ability to work and co-ordinate with remote sites
  • Project Management
  • Help contribute to the FCR Analytics strategy

Operational Effectiveness & Control

  • Identification of gaps in risk models and approaches to mitigate
  • Work with related projects for development of efficient implementation solution
  • Share best practice learning with wider team and seek continuous improvement opportunities
  • Maintain cost discipline, rationalise and consolidate expense
  • Be aware of changes to business practices and products to ensure that compliance procedures and controls are adequate to cover them
  • Monitor and check for adherence to compliance procedures and controls
Role Dimensions
  • Work with global teams across business lines and countries
  • Clearly articulate business and regulatory implications of analysis and findings to both Compliance colleagues and Senior Business Management.
  • Support decisions with sound reasoning and rationale and data analysis
  • Foster and maintain an attitude of ‘can do’ within the MLRO Function and the wider AML Compliance Function.
  • Keeping abreast of all regulatory developments together with changes to Group Standards in order to ensure appropriateness of advice
  • Be able to learn new skills and build knowledge quickly
  • Translate complex ideas into easily understandable solutions and documentation
  • Work independently and with remote teams
  • Operate, influence and communicate effectively with stakeholders and other colleagues both inside and outside FCR Analytics.
  • Think and act in a joined up manor and sharing best practise across the group whilst applying technical knowledge, often within tight timeframes
  • The value of this role should be measured by the impact the team is expected to deliver in a continuously changing environment.
  • Directly managed teams will deliberately be established as small teams of highly skilled, highly motivated change agents who will work as catalysts with the business partners to aggressively drive change.
Management of Risk
  • The jobholder will ensure the fair treatment of our customers is at the heart of everything we do, both personally and as an organisation.
  • This will be achieved by consistently displaying the behaviours that form part of the HSBC Values and culture and adhering to HSBC risk policies and procedures, including notification and escalation of any concerns and taking required action in relation to points raised by audit and/or external regulators.
  • The jobholder is responsible for managing and mitigating operational risks in their day to day operations. In executing these responsibilities, the Group has adopted risk management and internal control structure referred to as the ‘Three Lines of Defence’. The jobholder should ensure they understand their position within the Three Lines of Defence, and act accordingly in line with operational risk policy, escalating in a timely manner where they are unsure of actions required.
  • Through the implementation the Global AML, Sanctions and ABC Policies, supporting Guidance, and Line of Business Procedures the jobholder will make informed decisions in accordance with the core principles of HSBC's Financial Crime Risk Appetite.
  • The following statement is only for roles with core responsibilities in Operational Risk Management (Risk Owner, Control Owner, Risk Steward, BRCM, and Operational Risk Function.
  • The jobholder has responsibility for overseeing and ensuring that Operational risks are managed in accordance with the Group Standards Manual, Risk FIM, & relevant guidelines & standards. The jobholder should comply with the detailed expectations and responsibilities for their core role in operational risk management through ensuring all actions take account of operational risks, and through using the Operational Risk Management Framework appropriately to manage those risks.
  • This will be achieved by:
  • Continuously reassessing risks associated with the role and inherent in the business, taking account of changing economic or market conditions, legal and regulatory requirements, operating procedures and practices, management restructurings, and the impact of new technology.
  • Ensuring all actions take account of the likelihood of operational risk occurring, addressing areas of concern in conjunction with Risk and relevant line colleagues, and also by ensuring that actions resulting from points raised by internal or external audits, and external regulators, are correctly implemented in a timely fashion.

Observation of Internal Controls

  • The jobholder will adhere to, and be able to demonstrate adherence to, internal controls and will implement the Group compliance policy by adhering to all relevant processes/procedures.
  • The term ‘compliance’ embraces all relevant financial services laws, rules and codes with which the business has to comply. This will be achieved by adherence to all relevant procedures, keeping appropriate records and, where appropriate, by the timely implementation of internal and external audit points, including issues raised by external regulators.
  • The jobholder will implement measures to contain compliance risk across the business area. This will be achieved by liaising with Compliance department about business initiatives at the earliest opportunity. Also and when applicable, by ensuring adequate resources are in place and training is provided, fostering a compliance culture and optimising relations with regulators.