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Job Type:Full Time
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Your role within our Kingdom

We are looking for extraordinarily skilled Technology interns from a variety of backgrounds and interests to join our Kingdom! With titles like Candy Crush, Bubble Witch and Farm Heroes, our code runs on hundreds of millions of devices across the world. As a Technology Intern at King, you can either get involved with the making of the games, where you together with your colleagues take part in the process of specifying, designing, building and implementing existing and new game features. Or join our teams working behind the scenes with our engines, systems and platforms instead. A game that looks good on paper is nice, but a game that plays brilliantly across all digital platforms is better. Help us do just that. Below you'll find the different Technology interns we are looking for: Game Development (Opportunities in Barcelona, Berlin, London) Our game developers work on both new and live games, implementing game mechanics, features, and technologies that will be enjoyed by millions of players all over the world. We use and develop a wide variety of technologies across the full stack, working and learning together as a team, and constantly learning from each other. Some of the expected skills you will bring as an intern are knowledge of C++ or C# and experience using Unity or other game engines. You might also have scripting experience from University/independent projects. Graphics Development (Opportunities in Barcelona) Graphics development on mobile is a fascinatingly complex area, whilst we push the visual quality and abilities of our games we need to balance this carefully with strict performance budgets, ensuring the game runs efficiently, doesn’t use too much power and most important; it doesn’t over heat. Working closely with Artists, to achieve these visual targets, Graphics Developers must have a good knowledge of mathematics as well as C++, Graphics APIs such as OpenGL/DX/Vulkan. You need to have a passion for game visuals, be able to explain complex graphical techniques to non-technical team members and diligent in profiling/producing efficient code. Shared Tech (Opportunities in Barcelona) The engineering team is responsible for building complex, high-scale, real-time systems, working closely with other parts of the business to support the marketing activities for our popular games. Our Backend and Frontend developers work together to build an immersive experience in the Unified Portal, the single entry point to the business-driving applications that Shared Tech Services provides to the Game Studios. Technologies you are encouraged to have worked with at a University level are Java and React. Our C++ developers create the client-side to the backend services in order to give value to games at various levels: social interactions, SDKs, network connectivity... For this opportunity, you are experienced in using C++ Engine Development (Opportunities in Barcelona) Our C++ engine developers work on improving and maintaining our cross-platform mobile engine, editor and toolchain. You will contribute to developing and refining new and existing features on behalf of our dozens of live production game teams. You will learn about the challenges faced by artists, coders, and designers, and build the technology that helps them to continuously deliver their projects. Ideally, you are experienced with C++ and passionate about games, so you might even have had experience with game engines yourself. Data Warehouse (Opportunities in London) The Core Data Services Team is responsible for processing the 1 million rows of data events we receive per second and using it to drive all of King’s data and analytical needs. You will provide data and reporting across multiple platforms to a number of different internal departments, including our Game Studios, Marketing, Advertising and Finance working in close collaboration with your colleagues in our multi-location team. Ideal skills for one of the roles in this team would include SQL, experience working with big data technologies (Hadoop and Spark), exposure to data modelling and ETL techniques as well as knowledge of Python and BI tools. For our second role in the team, the desired skills would include Python development and knowledge of building/supporting REST APIs with some experience of Cloud compute platforms docker/k8s and serverless technologies. Network Security (Opportunities in Barcelona) As part of the Information Security department, our Network Security team takes care of the security infrastructure and network architecture, access control, threat prevention, and policy enforcement. The goal is to design, build and maintain a secure infrastructure that will allow King to thrive in the most secure way possible. We are looking for talents with knowledge in Networking (routing, switching, architecture, vpn) and Network security (firewall, proxy, load balancing, WAF), Security architecture (access policies and controls, iam) and scripting and automation. Security Operations (Opportunities in Barcelona) As part of the Information Security department, our Security Operations team take care of the security monitoring of King Networks, and response to security incidents. Ideally, you are keen on helping identify and respond to security alerts and issues whilst learning how to identify anomalies, vulnerability exploit attempts, malware activity and other attacks against our enterprise infrastructure. You need to have a passion for security, knowledge of the current security threat landscape and common tactics, techniques and procedures in offensive security. Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python or Ruby to automate tasks would be beneficial. Backend Development in Studio (Opportunities in Barcelona) Our backends are part of an independent team but develop features in close collaboration with game teams. You’ll be involved in both game team (groomings, plannings, retrospectives) & backend team (design reviews, stand-ups, code reviews) processes. As a backend, you’ll need to design APIs, solve scalability challenges & write clean code. As a Backend Developer intern you bring solid knowledge of data structures and algorithms, you are familiar with Java and understand client-server architecture. IT Support (Opportunities in Barcelona) IT Service delivery ensures our IT software and services agreements are defined according to business needs and delivered according to SLAs. We run hardware and software asset management in close cooperation with IT procurement capturing requirements from end-users and technical teams. Ideal skills include generic procurement knowledge, familiar with asset and software asset management processes and tools, wide knowledge of general IT software and services technologies

Skills to create thrills

You should have the ability to work in a flexible and fluid environment, where the job will evolve over time. Other skills include:
* Excellent communication skills in English and great organisation skills
* Creative problem-solving skills
* The ability to work well, both autonomously, and as part of a larger team
* You should be pursuing, or have recently completed, an undergraduate or master’s degree in Computer Science, Game Development or a relevant subject

A great saga needs all sorts of heroes

Making games is fun. Especially when you do it with people who share the same idea of what makes a good workplace, great. We design games for everyone, no matter where they are or who they are, and we employ all sorts of people from all kinds of backgrounds to bring them to life. Truth is, we simply can’t expect diversity in our players and originality in our games without first nurturing it in our people. A great saga needs all sorts of heroes. And that’s it.

We’re Seriously Playful

Officially, we’re a leading interactive entertainment company for the mobile world. Unofficially, we’re a serious business that’s not afraid to have fun. Every day at King, we mix intuition with logic, art with science and magic with mathematics to create the games the world loves to play. Together with our parent company Activision Blizzard, our mission is to bring moments of magic to everyday life. If you think this is something you can help us achieve, let’s talk.

Apply now!

Want to join our Kingdom? Applications need to be in English. Our internships can vary in length, depending on the opportunity and your requirements and will take place in Summer 2020. Please note: our application deadline is 8th December 2019, however we recruit on an ongoing basis, so early application is advised to avoid disappointment. The brilliant experience we give our players comes from the diversity and experience of our people. A great saga needs all sorts of heroes. That’s why we hire all sorts of talent.