Network Analytics DTN Product Owner

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Role Title: Network Analytics DTN Product Owner

Business: Risk

New or Existing Role- Replacement

Grade: GCB5
Role Purpose
  • Financial Crime Threat Mitigation (FCTM) focuses on the specific financial crime threats the firm faces now and in the future, pioneering the techniques and technology that protect our business, our customers, and the many communities in which we operate from the harms associated with financial crime. FCTM harnesses intelligence, analytics, technology, investigation, information sharing, and public-private partnership to achieve this end, always seeking the most effective and efficient means. FCTM is also partnering with Financial Crime Compliance to build the case for a more efficient and effective regulatory approach by defining a potential new regulatory landscape based on practical, tested innovation and serving as a thought leader in the ongoing public debate on the future of regulatory compliance.
  • The Systems Delivery team ensures that essential systems and data are available to enable FCTM to conduct effective and efficient investigations and analytics. The team is proactive and future-looking, shaping financial crime technology and promoting its adoption across FCR.
  • The role holder will be part of a team responsible for building and delivering a strategic network analytics capability for HSBC to support a wide range of investigations, analytics and detection requirements to Financial Crime Risk and potentially beyond. This will require close and productive working relationships with the IT development team; FCTM analysts & investigators; risk stewards and stakeholders from Fraud, AML/CTF, Sanctions etc; stakeholders from lines of business and skilled relationship management with both internal system owners and external data vendors.
  • The role will be based in Edinburgh, but may require occasional nationwide or overseas travel.
Key Accountabilities

Impact on Business

  • Requirements Clarification: Support the team to liaise with software vendors, internal software delivery and change delivery functions to ensure business requirements and priorities are well understood
  • Requirements Gathering: Support the team to liaise with business stakeholders at local, regional, global and functional level to ensure that requirements are accurately captured as well as urgency and potential business impacts are well understood.
  • Acceptance: Perform user acceptance testing of new features and new data sources to ensure that functionality is delivered to a high standard and report issues accurately and effectively to ensure quick resolution
  • Defect Management: Work with the development teams to ensure progress against resolution plans and efforts are focused on the true business priorities.
  • Data Analytics: Capability to understand and manipulate data to support user queries on system behaviour and understand the feasibility of requirements and enhancements
  • Investigate: Take an active part in working with systems and providing support on live case investigation to understand context of requirements and priorities and to identify potential gaps and improvements in functionality

Customers / Stakeholders

  • Engage with a diverse set of stakeholders in order to achieve the overarching objectives, including:
  • The IT team and third party consultants
  • Subject matter experts on financial crime risks
  • Internal system owners and external data vendors
  • FCTM & FCR investigators and analysts

Leadership & Teamwork

  • Strong teamwork with the broader FCTM and IT teams to establish and maintain productive personal relationships
  • Leadership potential

Operational Effectiveness & Control

  • Adherence to operational controls, as outlined in procedures and policies to ensure risks are identified and managed
  • Establishment of all necessary operational controls within the system
Major Challenges
  • Identifying and driving investigation, analytics and detection requirements across FCTM and beyond to build a strategic next generation financial crime capability for the bank
  • Understanding and identifying key data elements and data sources that can further enrich and support coverage and expansion of use cases on top of network analytics technology – including internal sources and external sources of any type in any jurisdiction and the feasibility to obtain and process this information to provide incremental benefit.
  • Developing and maintaining strong and productive relationships with a diverse set of customers and stakeholders
  • Using the technical and business knowledge to formulate actionable solutions to problems or identify new opportunities to enhance the system
  • Working in a new and developing department and using technology without precedence in the wholesale banking environment
  • Rapidly developing an accurate understanding of highly complex tool intelligence analytics tools, including multiple data feeds, network analysis logic and algorithmic scoring models
  • Developing a large body of contextual knowledge on wholesale banking sectors and the specific financial crime risks associated with them
Role Context
  • The post holder must be able to work comfortably within a fluid and developing framework. The role holder will be expected to demonstrate considerable entrepreneurial spirit to obtain the necessary knowledge and identify and realise opportunities. The role holder will be subject to sensitive, and therefore risky, information and must exercise sound judgement in protecting it and must adhere to all relevant rules and regulations.
  • The role holder will be part of a key initiative to bring context driven effective
  • The role holder will be the key driver of broader and enhanced data feeding an industry-first intelligence system reliant on robust, global data. The role holder will be required to effectively prioritise data analysis, acquisition and integration tasks to ensure business requirements are fulfilled in a timely manner and are fit for purpose.
Role Dimensions
  • Due to the nature of the role there is limited direct financial responsibility. However, the largest fraud/financial crime events in the wholesale banking environment (e.g. Madoff, Stanford, Parmalat, Enron, etc) have the potential to result in losses of billions of dollars, so the indirect financial impact of the role is highly significant.
Management of Risk
  • The role itself involves risk management and the role holder must show strong leadership in this area by continually reassessing the operational risks associated with the role, taking account of changing economic, legal, technological and regulatory environments and adhering to all procedures and practices.

Observation of Internal Controls

  • The jobholder must adhere to all relevant internal controls and should be able to demonstrate a flawless track record in this area.