Hub Catalyst Software Engineer

Location:Glasgow City
Job Type:Full Time
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The Chief Technology Office (CTO) provides solutions to guide technology across the firm globally, removing inefficiencies and streamlining how we deliver quality solutions. We’re continuing to evolve from building next-gen platforms to guiding architectures that unlock their capabilities, automating how we take code from inception to production. We’re focused on optimizing how apps are designed for the future, targeting solutions that are portable across multi-cloud platforms to stay resilient, scalable and maintainable. The CTO will drive Modern Engineering Practices across the firm and provide the pathway for technologist to improve their speed, quality and application development practices.

Vice President/Senior Associate

Hub catalyst Team: As an experienced and passionate technologist, you will join our HUB catalyst team of SMEs to help drive the Modern Engineering Practices program whilst creating solutions that improve our quality, speed, resiliency and scalability of our technology stack. Your deep knowledge of SDLC, tool chains, design, test, and development practices will help your HUB raise drive improvements across all lines of business and technology groups.
You will have a passion for software engineering practices and a drive to create a strong culture of continual improvement both in the HUB and the wider GT. Your team will collaborate and influence across all software development groups in the HUBs – resolving technical challenges, running deep dive sessions and educational workshops to help drive towards our target state. Reporting to the HUB Catalyst team lead locally- you will liaise with Application Owners and Development teams directly whilst contributing to the GT Modern Engineering Practices globally.
This role requires a wide variety of strengths and capabilities, including:
  • Broad knowledge of the HUB Application: stack, infrastructures and architectures.
  • Strong knowledge of Agile and DevOps cultures.
  • An broad understanding of modern programming languages,
  • Strong knowledge of software development practices and firm wide toolsets
  • Ability to work collaboratively in teams and develop meaningful relationships to achieve common goals across the GT family.
  • Strong experience in JPMC strategic tool chain and associated engineering practices
  • Coaching: Provide hands-on coaching to development teams on the effective leverage of strategic tool chain