SuperDaughter Day

30 September 2019, 2:00 PM

Event Details

SuperDaughter Day is an annual International Day of the Girl event hosted by WORK180.


Girls aged 5-12 years old become Superheroes along with their parents, exploring the exciting world of STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths). The girls also meet some amazing female role models in tech, whilst enjoying delicious cupcakes and a goodie bag to take home!

Why SuperDaughters?

Despite a huge growth in IT jobs, women account for only 16% of tech roles and the percentage of female tech grads has also been in decline since 1989.

SuperDaughter Day was created to counteract gender stereotypes which are formed in children as young as 6 years old and to encourage young girls to explore STEM in a fun environment.

Responses from attendees show:

  • 94% of parents have indicated their daughters have an increased interest in STEM after SDD
  • 93% of parents have indicated they are more likely to encourage girls participation in STEM after SDD
  • 49% of girls who attended SDD had none to very little previous knowledge of STEM


Get involved in 2019

Is your organisation ready to support our future women in STEM? Limited sponsor opportunities are available. Email for more info.

I went to the WORK180's SuperDaughter Day in Adelaide and enjoyed the experience with other enthusiastic superheroes plus my Daddy. It was an opportunity to see how technology can open doors to my future. My favourite experience was programming the robots and seeing them follow my code :) wow

-Monique Hoppo (aka Bat Girl)

I've spent most of my career in IT convincing myself I deserve to be there. I want a different experience for my daughter, and yet her confidence in maths is already slipping and it is clear I have a big battle ahead to bolster and support her through the challenges she will continue to encounter. I want her to feel great about firmly grasping every career opportunity available to her. Initiatives like SuperDaughter Day help reinforce that mastering STEM is worth it, that there is a whole world of possibility available, and that she absolutely deserves her place among it all

-Naomi Pollock, mother to Briony


Mon, 30 September 2019

2:00 PM